The Second Time Around


I had a post prepared and it disappeared.  I wouldn’t care but I dislike typing on this laptop.  I am/was a touch typist and now I’m two fingered Sal.  Annoying.  I’d buy a new desktop computer for my study upstairs, but I’m saving my money for mundane things like paying federal taxes next April and having Sears vacuum the heating/cooling air ducts again.

The post was mostly trivia which is okay with me.  In fact, I like it.  I live one day at a time, in the present moment. Oh sure I plan a few things, but I’m loose about it.

For  example, this month I am reading America’s Bitter Pill : Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix our Broken Health Care System, by Stephen Brill.  I plan to read a chapter a day, but I know some days I will read more and other days less.

I found the book on the New York Times list of Notable Books.  I thought it might not be boring, and indeed it isn’t.

I’ve also been working crossword puzzles and puzzle puzzles, crocheting, coloring, eating sweets, and generally enjoying second childhood.

Why not?  red-yarn-ball-sm