Everything is okay here….

Old gate, new fence wet from the rain.

Life is getting back to normal at last.  The firm building the new fence finished in two days.  Day one was to tear down the old fence, day two was to construct the new fence.  I never saw guys work any harder.  Only Hermie and Jose spoke English because all these fellows are immigrants, but the others seemed to halfway understand my combination of Spanish and sign language.  I will almost miss them.  I say almost because it was a pleasure to watch them build the fence, given that I was in despair about it a month ago.  However, the commotion with the animals and one psycho neighbor was almost too much for me and the dogs. For example, today, when Jose was finishing the installation of the posts in the front yard in driving rain, Johnny escaped.  David, Connie and I and two of the guys searched high and low, up and down the street, only to find him in the neighbor’s yard.  He was soaking and ready to come into the house. He escaped because one of the guys left the garden gate open and David forgot to leash Johnny.

East side of the fence

South side of the fence

I have muck everywhere but the muck will dry and one of my granddaughters is coming over on Friday to help me clean. 

I also have a yard crew arriving Friday to overhaul the mess I call the front yard.  I am returning the gardens to grass, having given up on the center raised bed. I cannot keep the weeds out of the center beds any more, and mowing looks so much easier.  Some of my friends look aghast and say “What are you going to do when the grass grows?”, and I say “Mow it.”  Mowing is not an alien concept, as I was always the person who did the mowing. Besides, if I don’t water it too much it won’t grow too much, and I am not above hiring an able-bodied person to mow it for me every few weeks.  I have decided it is okay to ask for help once in a while.

At the present moment, my daughter is asleep upstairs while her clothes dry.  She stopped by here after a visit to her doctor.  She has a class tonight and we are a halfway house.  Perfectly alright.  I see her when I can.  She seems remarkably composed given her hectic schedule and two hours both-ways commute.  She will be back on Friday bringing the granddaughter who will help me clean up the walkways and vacuüm.  My granddaughters are working their way through college by helping grandma.

A Stressful Day

Garden Gate

David told me earlier that everything is going like clockwork, so why am I stressed? 

I fully expected the dogs to howl all day, break loose and run across the street in front of a car.  My yard is full of repairmen who have pulled down our shoddy old fence and are installing the most beautiful fence we have ever had around our yard. 

Meantime, the dogs have been behaving and no one has broken loose, although Johnny wonders why he must wear his leash in the house.  David stepped on it earlier and stopped Johnny from bolting out the door, that’s why.

For years, David maintained our old fence, and one year he installed a beautiful gate for me for an anniversary present. Later that year he built a nice fixture above the gate to hold the two lanterns that have solar batteries and glow in the dark after the sun sets.

The only thing that will remain of the fence when the guys finish is the gate.  I insisted it would remain.  Hermie, the foreman told me he would power wash it to make it look new.  I never heard of that before.  I thought the gate looked nice, but I suppose like most things around here that have aged along with me, it appears differently to a fellow who installs new gates every day.

When the new fence is finished I will post photos, but today, there is nothing to show except the neighbor’s yards.

David says I did a good job of coordinating and keeping everyone informed.  The repairmen were able to park a huge dumpster in the back parking lot thanks to Mrs. Knox, the landlady of the apartment building behind us.  Mr Brown said I they could park the lumber to be installed in his yard.  Jamie and Ada said it was okay to box the Black Walnut that sits on the property line.

Whew.  Pretty good for me the consummate introvert who hates to talk to people.  I was explaining to Yuan this morning what the word introvert meant.  She said, that was how she would describe her husband the physicist.  Yuan and her husband are from Ethiopia and they met in Germany when they were in school.  She says she likes to dress up and go to parties, but her husband does not.  He prefers books to people. 

I managed to talke to Yuan, then BJ, then Marie, who just returned from San Francisco.  She says it was a rough trip because her cousin is very liberal and she is very conservative.  I told Marie, I know what you mean.  My family is full of conservatives, and I am sort of one, but still have lots of liberal left in my body.  Does that make me an Independent or confused?

I blame my father.  He is the only person I know who voted for both Barry Goldwater and George McGovern.  As the kids say, Go Figure.