Life goes on


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The entrance to The Farm Road hadn’t changed much, although the leaves were off the trees and the pond looked deserted. Animals clustered all around the road, fenced off in their own areas.  Twelve cars were parked at the back … Continue reading

Searching here and searching there…

I spent this morning exploring the WordPress site and  trying various widgets and settings for effect.  Each item has something to offer, and for one who enjoys writing and editing this is like being a kid in a candy shop. 

When I wasn’t fiddling with my blog, I was outside chasing the dogs again.  I have decided retired people get their exercise from chasing their pets. 

Clare decided to bolt out the front door, while I held Johnny securely. Usually, she does not run away, leaving that activity to Johnny these days.

David has an effective way of capturing Clare which he seldom remembers until I yell, “Open the car door.”  Then, he opens the car door and she runs to hop on the front seat, thinking he is taking her somewhere.

 That’s how she got out.  After days of struggling, David finally, reluctantly decided to visit our local  “computer geek” and get it fixed.  He was trying to get out the front door carrying his computer when Clare escaped.  She is very small and very cute, and David never scolds her, so she is not the most obedient little girl in the world.  He dropped his computer on the porch in an effort to stop her.  He is back now and the computer works, so all is well.

Clare resting on her pillow


When David came home from  rehabilitation after his hip replacement in the fall of 2008, Clare ran out to meet him and he began to cry.  This from the guy who says, “I am not a dog person.”   I asked him, “What is a dog person?”   He feeds the dogs, he walks the dogs, and he sleeps with Clare.  Wonder what a dog person looks like?  I have no idea.  I suppose I will have to keep looking.

Clare all grown up and resting on her chair