Another day, another mixup

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So, I arrive at the vet’s office and she is not there.  My appointment is tomorrow.  David said he would take Johnny, our new dog  to the vet so that I could do whatever it is I do.  I wouldn’t mind, except he often forgets to ask the vet pertinent questions. If she volunteers a comment he does not always remember it.  I am not ungrateful for his offer, but if I have to call the vet later, and I usually do (or she calls me) we do not have the same interaction.  Vets are important and there are always questions.    

A co-worker once suggested to me that spending money on animals was sinful when there were so many hungry children in the world.  I understood where she was coming from but being the consummate egg-head, I tried to explain the multiplier factor.  I told her the money I spend at the vet’s office goes to help defray their costs which include salaries not only for the vet who is probably still paying off her student loans,  but the vet technician who is usually some kid who has a limited education and does not make big bucks.  

Our groomer Jane with Clare, Max (d.5.2010), and Peaches


Jane, the gal who has groomed my dogs for about 15 years helps support her family with the earnings she makes caring for my beloved dogs.  She has also become a dear friend who cried when my old dog Max died last May.  

My avian vet and the technicians who care for my parrots also need the income they receive for their services.  

The life of a vet tech isn’t all roses.  I know a couple of them personally and they work darn hard.  They hate those times when they have to assist in putting an animal to sleep or dealing with an animal suffering from neglect.   

My former vet donated time every week attending to animals at the Alexandria Animal Welfare League shelter, and she worked at a free clinic sponsored by the shelter for those with pets who could not afford preventive vaccinations and other medications.    

Alexandria and my county Arlington, very progressive places, promote vaccines for rabies and other ailments that afflict the dogs and cats of the rich and poor alike.  Many of the animals at the shelters have been surrendered by people who became incapacitated, and for one reason or another could no longer deal with their pets.  Our county has a growing number of senior citizens who have suffered the ravages of time,  and some of them have been placed in ‘homes’ and forced to part with a beloved pet.    

Most folks do not surrender a pet lightly, and many of the continuing care facilities in our area now cater to pets.  Also, there are groups in our area promoting the adoption of ‘senior’ pets by human seniors who understand what its like to grow old.