What is an infidel?


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Above: German artist Albrecht Durer was fascinated with the Apocalypse and war in heaven between good and bad angels. Lately, I’ve been trying to work the NYTimes Crossword puzzles. While my sister can knock out the crosswords in no time, it takes … Continue reading

Another day in Mudville


David says, “it’s eight o’clock, don’t you want to watch the news?”  I tell him, “No, I’m up from the last thing I heard last night, and don’t want to hear anything that will spoil my mood.” I use the … Continue reading

The girl with the curly hair


I found the photo above in Mom’s high school yearbook, 1932.  She’s in the second row, the girl with the pointy collar and curly dark hair. Although she always said she was 100 percent Dutch (all four of her grandparents … Continue reading