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John W, our handyman, stopped by yesterday to look at David’s shower and our archaic and overly large treadmill, and give us an estimate for repairing the first and hauling the latter to Habitat for Humanity where he works part-time.  I can take the treadmill apart and haul it off, he said.  I gave a sigh of relief, I need the space for a recumbent bike.

David uses the upright bike, but my back wont tolerate sitting upright on a bike. I gave the very nice outdoor bike I purchased when I retired to ‘Bikes for the World.’

My doctor wants me to ride a bike to strengthen my legs. I don’t drive to the gym owing to my knee, and won’t ride in a car with David driving.

I finished therapy on my shoulder yesterday.  I begin knee therapy in September.

John W finished his knee therapy Monday (he fell last winter) and David is having therapy on his shoulder for several more weeks.

We talked about therapy of course.  Then we switched to other topics including Hillary.  John is a captain precinct in her campaign and he loves my car which is plastered with Hillary stickers while sporting “Don’t Tread on Me” license plates.


John has been working on his family tree, and he knows the flag was flown during the Revolution of 1776-1781. No modern group has rights to this flag.

My daughter told me the other day that some misinformed people think the flag is racist. This kind of “politically correct” thinking is exactly wrong and plays into the hands of “you-know-who.”


Having no appointments, today, I will put a further dent in Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men and finish The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery.  Both books by Eric Foner recall the political history of the US from the 1840s to the 1860s. Next up, Reconstruction 1863-1877 by Foner.

If you think the political times we are living through are messy, read these books. Nativists, Know-Nothings, Free Soilers, Radical Abolitionists, Whigs, Republicans, Democrats, populate these pages. (Don’t get your history from  right-winger D’Sousa.)

Of interest to me. Years ago, I read Toni Morrison’s Beloved.  Her lyrical and fictional tale is based on a fugitive slave and a historical event Foner describes.

Below: Daddy Chris, Baby Christopher, and Granddaughter Rita, Selfie by Rita, 2016




Peaches, worms and memories


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Yesterday, Julie took David to his PT and then Trader Joes to shop for groceries. I had used ‘The Flyer’ from TJ to add items to the grocery list including white peaches. David had some this morning with blueberries.  Before … Continue reading