Di -Johnny1july 009I am a War Baby and beneficiary of the phase of the Women’s Movement dating to the 1960s and 1970s.  I have worked for the U. S. Congress and as a staff demographer and in the private sector as an economist/demographer.  I retired from the Census Bureau at the end of 2005, where I was a statistician-demographer and wrote reports and technical papers about special population groups (foreign born, ancestry, women, 65+ population) .  In 2012, I completed a graduate degree in history at  George Mason University.  I am a political Independent.

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  1. Hi. I came via Gabby Geezer’s blog, and it looks like I need to spend some time here. Always interested in the observations of other educated women from my generation.


  2. I wanted to send you an email too but hope this will get to you. Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your latest comment re: AA. My middle child (son) has been dating a girl in AA for about 9 months and she urged him to attend Al-anon. I am amazed that he actually loves it … altho he showed no interest at all in it when I suggested it years ago. Isn’t life interesting? I didn’t want to break his anonymity in the regular comment section.
    Also, I noticed that in your blogroll you have me listed as “Goden Gaze by Ginnie” and actually it is “Goldendaze-Ginnie”.
    All the best.


  3. I just saw you comment on Friko’s blog regarding leaving posts on blogspot as a wordpress user. I’ve had the same problem and it has been very frustrating, especially on posts I have been commenting on for several years. Some blogspots are fine, others have been impossible to get through with wordpress. I contacted wordpress and they worked through it to the point that was the same as mine. I think it is a blogspot problem.

    I did try using open/url. Try clicking that. Put in your name or whatever you want to use. Then use our blog address for the URL. It has worked now for me and I can leave comments again.

    Your blog looks interesting and I look forward to reading some of your posts.


  4. I didn’t find an email address either, but rather than leave this in a blog comment……Thanks for the comments including the recent one on my Father’s Day blog post. Your earlier first comment did publish, too, but was on a link within the Father’s Day piece that went to my earlier post with a picture taken a few minutes after my new grandson’s birth. At first I couldn’t figure out what had happened either.


  5. Hi – I’m leaving a comment reply on here because I can’t seem to find an email address for you but hopefully this comment will send you an email alert. My aunt is married to a man who they believe fits into your genealogy somewhere – Sean Flynn is the grandson of Herbert Nichols. Does this ring a bell? Please let me know via email and I can share their contact information with you. Thank you, Natalie Callender


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