A dog’s life


My dog Johnny saw his vet last week for his annual exam. Ordinarily, this visit is uneventful and his vet proclaims Johnny is in excellent health. However this year Dr. Young reported that Johnny’s weight had increased by 50 percent.  Now Johnny is on a diet, returns for more blood work next month, and David once again received the stern warning to never feed the dogs.

David eats anything he wants and never gains…and he shares what he eats with the dogs.  He simply does not understand that there are those of us including dogs who must be mindful of what we eat.

David respects Dr. Young so I am praying he will remember her words. (Yes he’s the culprit…I am the enforcer.)

Those who have seen the film National Velvet may remember the scene where everyone is at sitting at the supper table and the mother says “Don’t feed the dog.” Everyone at the table then proceeds to slip the dog a morsel of food.  As the dog circles the table from hand to hand, the scene is funny.  However, dogs can eat themselves to death.



I’m writing a post this evening, because I am burned out on the news. Most days, David and I watch several hours of it.  Yes, we are nuts, but we have deluded ourselves into thinking that somehow if we watch it, things won’t get worse.  Call it magical thinking.

A talking head had a good point recently when he said, “What we have today is a breakdown in norms.”  We did not realize what a normative society we lived in until now.  Norms of behavior are good.  Yes, sometimes they need to change, however they support social order so you don’t want them to change overnight as Lenin wanted (and resulted in 50million deaths.)  Most people believe the evolution of norms is better than revolution. I certainly don’t want devolution, and don’t think most people do.

If you are a woman or person of color, you know our social order in the US is much better today than it was 50 years ago…or was until last year. Those of us who lived through the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s know the good old “Happy Days” are a myth. As David’s dad who lived through two world wars and a depression said, “The good old days were not that good.”

For one thing, there was little help for acne if you were a teenager.  And that is to say nothing of the racism, sexism and ageism, which still exist, but in milder forms in most places.


In the 70s f today, so we worked outside this morning, filling the organic wheeliebin once again.

We have medical appointments every day this week, so I will be slower to visit blog friends. I’ll get around however.

17 thoughts on “A dog’s life

  1. My Buddy understands your Johnny’s weight problem. I am the guilty party. I eat a lot of sandwiches and he loves the crust – or should I say I have taught him to love the crust. I feel properly admonished (Smile) so David and I need to do better.


  2. Well, I am 71 and have never been discriminated against, despite being a Korean woman. For instance, I have never encountered prejudice when I applied for a job or apartment — and this is true around the world. I have traveled everywhere.


      • You are fortunate. Korean adopted-as–an infant daughter of good friend of my daughter and our family never experienced discrimination here in So Cal. When she was in high school they moved to Colo. this attractive personable kind young girl confided to me she did encounter consistent discrimination, also present years later in a move to Rhode Island.

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  3. It’s so hard to say No to dogs, but sometimes very necessary. What really gob-smacked me in your post today is the temp being in the 70sF. Enjoy the warmth and think of Scotland chittering at near freezing.

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  4. Our dog would never over eat herself on dog food. But human food? That’s a completely different story. Over Christmas and New Year I cooked many extensive dishes and the dog got so excited she would beat me to the kitchen each time the timer went off. When I prepared stuff and put it in the oven she would sit gazing at it wistfully through the glass. She really makes me laugh.

    I know what you mean about the news. I am reading rather than watching it mostly. But it seems all consuming at the moment.

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  5. Very smart approach to considering our current state of affairs. Norms do have their value — something most people of every political persuasion can appreciate. Clearly not all people have the wisdom to recognize norms value, or deliberately choose to ignore it for their own questionable purposes — or the present government incited madness would not be occurring.

    Lucky are the folks whose metabolism allows them to eat at will. Alas for those of us for whom that is not true, including dogs — poor Johnny! A family member had a very overweight cat cursed with the same problem his feline cohort did not have. Would strategically placed signs help — “Don’t feed the dog!” ?

    Nice of you to keep supporting the medical community, but don’t you think every day is a bit much? Of course if you can get mostly through with them all at once for awhile, that’s desirable.

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    • David loves Johnny. So far he has been good.

      As for doctor’s apps. I had to postpone many visits owing to our respiratory illnesses through January. Doc sees me quarterly owing to heart issues, and the dermatologist sees me quarterly because of multiple skin cancers. Doc sees David for his diabetes and heart issues. Last week we had blood drawn at the hospital. Today, I see the orthopedist for shot in bad hip. I am presently avoiding the dentist. Thank goodness for health insurance and Medicare.


  6. What a beautiful dog. Would be hard to refuse if he started begging for snacks.
    I’m with you on the news. Before the election, I pretty much had CNN on all day, just as background noise and so I could absorb a lot of news. Since the election, I hardly watch at all. The endless horrible news is just too exhausting and depressing.

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    • Much repetition. Trump has attacked the media, science, and the character of the US. His supporters apparently like this rabble rousing.

      If we go out with a bang, it won’t be because of Muslim” terrorists,” it will be because of ignorant right-wing extremist terrorists.


  7. It is most disheartening to be married to men, as we are, who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. I truly sympathize.
    I too am just worn out with the news. I am doing my part in the resistance with daily phone calls and emails but the fact is that the ultra conservatives control both houses of Congress and there is a madman in the White House. Ack!!!
    Hope all goes well with the medical appointments.

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