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Today, I finished the physical therapy I began after I broke my ribs before Christmas. I am supposed to contact the hospital and set up therapy for my shoulder, but, my shoulder isn’t bothering me anymore. My orthopedic surgeon said this might happen, i.e., that sometimes a torn rotator cuff just stops hurting.  Well mine has. VJ, my therapist, said perhaps it was because I hadn’t been using it as much.  Perhaps so, but two days  last week David and I cleaned the back yard. We will begin work out front tomorrow. Thus we shall see.


After slowing down for a while, I resumed reading again this week, finishing Dr. Richard Haas, World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crises of the Old Order. The book is a pretty good summary of the history of the US in the world since the end of the nineteenth century.

He offers some ideas concerning what the US might do to deal with the current world situation.  Haas, who worked for previous presidents says he dropped his book by the Trump White House.


Because I am a optomist, I for one am happy to see the end of January.  I always think February will be better. We’ve had so much sun lately, I expect the spring to come early.  However, we must wait until the groundhog advises us Thursday.  According to Wikipedia, groundhog sightings are springing up all over the country, east and west, north and south. Do you think groundhogs will displace NOAA?


This banner says Groundhog Lodge Number Seven.

 Wiki says – The largest Groundhog Day celebration is held in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where crowds as large as 40,000 have gathered to celebrate the holiday since at least 1886. Other celebrations of note in Pennsylvania take place in Quarryville in Lancaster County, the Anthracite Region of Schuylkill County, and the Sinnamahoning Valley of Bucks County.

15 thoughts on “Rodent news

  1. I fancy a Groundhog day and hope for February instead of the grey, damp yukiness we often get. Keep being an optimist. Good news about your shoulder.


  2. Good you’re feeling better and presently rid of pain. I’m always annoyed with the whole groundhog thing. i think to have any predictive value the groundhog has to be allowed to emerge on his own — whatever day he comes out — not physically drug out by some human being on a set day. Oh well, it’s all for fun. Book sounds interesting. Have never heard DT speak of reading books.


    • Groundhog Day is like any of our holidays and a carryover from Pgan times. In this case Candlemas.
      DT does not read, or so I’ve read. Haas book is okay, but I was not impressed. The most useful part is part three where he discusses the way to improve the election process.


  3. Glad you are better. Yes, one of my shoulders is better. One is worse. LOL Both my finger and thumb need surgery. And too, when I went to take off my rings for the x rays, the wedding ring was broken. It’s in the shop as we are.

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