See no evil


Feeling a bit better, David and I worked in our back yard this week. Various bulbs are sending up shoots and we needed to remove the dead vegetation covering them. Normally, I would have done this before now but several unforeseen events, including the stumbles I took last fall, delayed our work.

We filled the “Organics” bin provided by the county and I pushed it out to the curb for pickup.  Friday morning came and the contractor the county hired to empty these bins, whizzed by the house and speeded up the street, ignoring the “green” bins although I was standing in the driveway, then the road, yelling at the truck.  I called the county to complain.  “We will get someone there today,” said the official, and they did.

When we returned from lunch, the empty green bin was upside down and blocking the driveway, requiring David to get out of the car and move the bin before we could park.

My dilemma is whether to call Michelle at Environmental Services and report this, or let it go. David says there may be some form of retaliation if we report this. However, compare this behavior to that of earlier efforts by the contractor which included rolling the cart back to its storage area after it was emptied.


Do you know what “gaslighting” is? David asks.  I say no so he tells me about the 1930s film with Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. In the film, Boyer’s character tried to drive his wife (Bergman) crazy with lies and disinformation.

European filmmakers produced Gaslighting when Hitler came to power and right-wing propaganda was being spread throughout Europe while normal channels of communication were closed down.

David’s thought is that something akin to this is occurring now with the American people and Trump’s war on the media. Never before has a free press been so important. And never before has the free press been under such an attack here in America.

David quotes Caitlin Gibson, “Trump and Gaslighting: Is his mind playing tricks on you” Washington Post (1/28:C1)

Trump is a megalomaniac and an evil man. Republicans are in danger of selling their souls. Steve Bannon (Joseph Goebbels) and Kelly Ann Conway (Leni Riefenstahl) are Trump’s propagandists.


27 thoughts on “See no evil

      • I studied your system so I know it quite well. Still it feels very strange to me as a European that he could succeed and become president when less people voted for him. I am used to the first past the post system.
        On top of that, I can’t understand how anyone could actually bring themselves to vote for him. (Apart from maybe his family or employees?)


  1. One of my most intelligent and thoughtful friends has contended for some time that Trump is insane. The more actions Trump takes, the more convinced I become that my friend is right. You are quite right in stating that the mid-terms are a great chance to put some firm controls on the nuttiness.

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  2. The crocus is a bit of joy in an unhappy time. I knew the term ‘gaslighting’ and agree that’s what is happening, but I didn’t know it came from a movie made at that time….scary and interesting both. His benighted supporters will be so disappointed when they find they are losing their insurance and social security etc etc but by then it will be too late, we will already have some neo-nazi in the Supreme Court, the enviornment will be ruined, there will be no national parks etc etc…… I don’t even know what horror to concentrate on first with what little I can do.

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  3. He’s trying to keep all his campaign promises now. What a truly horrific mess. I’m so glad I was able to go meet with the marcher’s here. I’m so glad several federal judges said no to his immigration order. I’m sure we will survive him, but I have doubts about how long it will take to recover.

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  4. Recall knowing of the movie but not sure I ever viewed it. I was unfamiliar with “gaslighting” being a term associated with the concept you explain. Definitely, this is what is happening. The minions excusing D.T.s actions parallel those who naively embraced Europe’s madman. I worry an effort will be made soon to direct law enforcement and ultimately military into police actions toward the populace. Will it be Chicago as he has already made a veiled threat in that direction? Surely we have some strong ethical leaders who are not morally corrupt, including in law enforcement and the military, who will not allow our democratic republic to be dissolved by this mentally unstable creature that doesn’t even represent the majority of the population. Regrettably, the segment of Republicans who are decent people have already had their souls sold for them by most of the power-hungry rest.

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  5. Scary times. And I see where some of his actions are already sideswiping some of his supporters. I live in the middle of a quite Republican farming community who is already having trouble getting workers to pick crops. Yet this county voted for him. Not myself or family but a majority. About a 30% of this community is Hispanic. Many are citizens but I wonder if friends who left to visit family in Mexico will it back with the grandparents and aunts and uncles who have long held green cards.

    We have a university, a 4-year college and a community college here who are counseling their foreign students not to leave the country.

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  6. I’ve been saying for months now that Trump is gaslighting the public. It is something abusers do. They sweet talk, and tell the person what they want (or need) to hear. They get the person into a compromising position with no escape and then they let lose with their abuse and other craziness. Should the victim complain, the abuser always says, “if you didn’t do (fill in the blank), then I wouldn’t have to treat you like this. Definitely a Trump way of doing life.

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  7. I feel the same…very dangerous times and it amazes me that im surrounded by people except for a few, that still support him wholeheartedly. They are blinded by their fear of admitting they were wrong. They won’t even contemplate it. I always said, it’s the people who voted for him that worry me more than Trump himself, for they have high numbers. If we loose the press, we are screwed as a country and we effect the world too.

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    • I also blame the White women who did not vote at all. They were so sure Hillary would win. That’s why she lost PA.

      Trump supporters, who make up less than 40% of the population, may not like him so much when he and his minions begin to unravel the social safety net.

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