Good wind

Mom said It’s an ill wind that brings no good with it. I’ve tried to tell myself that thought when misfortune strikes and sure enough its true. We had some terrific winds in the past week and the rose trellis out front blew over taking the 35-year old Yellow Rose of Texas, Lady Banksia with it.

But never fear, SIL Bill came by with his trusty crew, who righted the trellis and cut the rose back. Meanwhile, Lonnie, one of the guys on the crew, knowing David supported Hillary bantered with him about Trump, whom the fellow most likely supported. (Here in VA “red” and “blue” areas lie cheek and jowl next to each other.) No one became cross, and we were very greatful for their help.

The rose will recover, the birds will nest in it again, and Bill has once again saved the day, God Bless Him and his trusy crew.


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Above: Our Dutch Nana (born and bred in Holland Michigan), with Michelle, Michael and me, 1952; Mom and Michelle, 1957.

Many of you are aware I have been working on my family tree.  Although I have ancestors who migrated from England in the seventeenth century, seven of my great-grandparents migrated from Europe in the nineteenth century, four from the Netherlands.

For several years, I have corresponded with one of my Dutch cousins, Ankie who has helped me fill in some of the blanks in our family tree. Yesterday, Ankie sent me copies of photos she had received many years ago from a mutual relative in the States. I posted two of them on my sister’s Facebook page, and have posted them here. What a thrill to see these photos of my beloved and recently deceased sister, Michelle.

Ankie, thank you for the photos and the information about our common ancestor.

20 thoughts on “Good wind

  1. Lovely roses and glad the bush has survived the wind thanks to your SIL and crew. Glad whenever there’s rational conversation addressing opposite views without inciting less than civil talk. Nice you received these photos and made contact with that cousin years ago. We are all connected in this world.

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  2. Oh sweet pictures of your dear sister and your mom — what precious memories to discover; lovely of your cousin.

    Nice that your SIL and the crew can joke about their political preferences without resorting to violence — that’s the way it is supposed to be for sure. Here in Florida, we have good neighbors/winter friends who are Trump supporters, in fact we are in the distinct minority here in the resort. A big change and hard for me, coming from blue state Oregon and where nearly all my family and good friends are Democrats and liberals. I have had to accept that people can be good in some ways even if their politics are ‘deplorable’ (sorry I couldn’t resist ).

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    • Many members of my family are/were supporters of DJT. My sister and I liked Hill (We were raised by a Democrat mother).

      I am reaching the place where I figure DJT will overreach and perhaps even be impeached some day. Funny that Las Vegas bookies are offering odds on him surviving 6 months.

      The entire senior staff at the State Dept resigned today after the latest “wall” talk.


  3. We had a pink one by the breakfast room, and there was a yellow one over the pergola in the backyard. Yes, nothing beats those unexpected family photos. My cus sent me a handful for Christmas. Glad there was no argument.

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