Hope emerges from cows

We recently signed up for green electric energy through our carrier. Here’s how it works:


Most people know that am I am a milk lover.  Granddaughter Joy is a cow girl, who after earning a degree in agriculture, works on a dairy farm in Connecticut.

Thus I was delighted to learn that cow as well as other animal offal can be used efficiently.  Farmers can go green and make money.

We have many cows on the East Coast and Dominion which serves the mid-Atlantic and sells energy to NYC has worked out arrangements with farmers in Pennsylvania to supply electricity generated from cow manure.  An an environmentally responsible company, Dominion has been shifting away from coal for some time. I don’t think changes in Washington will have much effect on this green activity. Coal is so over in most of the US. This gives me hope for our air and water.


13 thoughts on “Hope emerges from cows

    • France went nuclear decades ago and has been dumping waste in the sea. We had a facility in Nevada for storing the waste, but it was shut down after folks began moving there from CA in droves. I would never live there. Solar, wind and cow ‘output’ are better choices. I would never live in NV.


  1. I’m fond of good ol loveable cows and recall the two Gurnseys we had for a few years when we lived in country — them and a friendly huge Hampshire hog that birthed a large litter of piglets.

    I had heard energy could be generated by cow manure but didn’t know doing so had actually matured to this level. California should be doing this since we’re the top dairy producing state ergo the most cows in U.S. Used to be major dairy area was in nearby community here in So Cal, but housing developments encroached so dairy farmers took their cows to northern Calif. They can create the energy there. I’ll have to check into what, if anything, is being done here.

    Hope you’re feeling better, less coughing, sleeping at night.

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    • I think a great deal about energy and air pollution. GP put me on an inhaler or what ever you call the thingy that contains ibuterol. Daughter and several granddaughters are athematic.

      The link in my post explains how the process of capturing animal waste works in Texas…a major cattle producer…it isn’t just for cows. Pigs, goats and other animals kept in enclosures also produce biofuel.

      The EPA promotes this effort. Unknown to some…the military supports the production of local fuel in all its forms. Military a big fuel consumer. Looking to local sources for energy to decentralize the energy supply and thwart terrorists.

      Rick Perry will have a complex Dept to run.

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