Still here and coughing

This truly is the cold? from hell.  It’s not  the flu, I had the flu shot that dealt with most strains circulating in this area. Moaning about it helps, so I’m moaning.  I am better, though trying not to become bitter.

After a bout of coughing that almost led to vomiting, I was up at three a.m. and listening to an audio book while drinking a glass of milk (my comfort drink).

Clare, one of my poor confused dogs came downstairs and looked at me sternly as if to say, should I waken Pop?

I stopped coughing about four and returned to my bed and slept until seven.


Because I must sit up so much of the time, I amuse myself with books and my family tree. I’m tickled pink that my lifetime of reading and work on various academic studies has informed me about what my DNA revealed.

The DNA results cap my lifetime effort to “find my roots.”  My family tree is huge and covers hundreds of years. Together, the two give me far more information than my parents could have.

The most amusing part of this effort is that I am about six percent Scandinavian.  Yes, I am either descended from Viking rapists and pillagers, or a Norwegian housemaid who migrated to Amsterdam in the eighteenth century, or both. I’m pretty sure the Scandinavian DNA comes from mom’s side.


Sister Michelle (pink shorts)  and me (purple shirt)  with some of our cousins, Wisconsin, 1990s.  (These cousins are on dad’s side, so the Viking blood must have come from mom’s side as we were taller).

Either way, the DNA and family tree results are interesting and reveal that my ancestors were probably both the perpetrators and victims of much of the turmoil in Europe over the past millennia.

My sister’s last request was that donations in lieu of flowers be made to the ASPCA or the Cancer society.



5 thoughts on “Still here and coughing

  1. We have your hellish cold here too. Which is partly why I am in the middle of the night reading your blog. I, too and cough, cough, coughing. I didn’t want to go to bed as I keep waking my husband, who is already exhausted as he’s the one who brought the virus into the house. I too thought it couldn’t be the flu because I had the jag. The little one caught it too. A real nightmare with her asthma.
    My sincere hope is that by the time you read this you feel much better (you wrote this some time ago).


  2. Hope you get better so you can stop coughing. My understanding of the flu shot efficacy is that it doesn’t necessarily mean some of us won’t get the flu, just that if we are among those who do, it will likely be a milder case. All that coughing sounds more like bronchitis which reportedly Barbara Bush has had. Whatever — keep that chicken soup coming. Milk has always been a favored beverage for me, too, when not well, having trouble keeping anything in my stomach. That said, I’ve encountered in my work quite a few patients who said drinking milk created phlegm, causing them to cough more, so guess it depends on the individual.

    Glad you have more clarity about your ancestors and now that you’ve discovered their culpability in causing some of the mess in Europe long ago makes me wonder about my own who were traced over there in various countries into 1300s — but only direct lines have been followed. I haven’t pursued more on my own.

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    • I hav the gene which makes digesting milk easier, so it does not afect me negatively. I also soothes my stomach. Lost my sense of taste and smell which is slowly returning, so can’t eat much.

      About those ancestors…western Europeans who love milk.


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