Out from under

I’ve been under the weather for a while now.  Convinced I had developed pneumonia (owing to my high BP and shortness of breath), my in-home physical therapist insisted I see my GP yesterday. I had the last appointment of the day. My GP was as sick as I was, and wore a face mask.  As we hacked and snorted, he suggested, we must do this in unison so he could examine me.  After the exam, he sent me home with four more prescriptions.

I don’t have pneumonia, but we are keeping a close eye on my health.  I told him my sister had died from a massive brain hemorrhage following a stroke last Sunday and I wasn’t sure how much of my condition was owing to crying, and how much to something else. He, who has seen me through heart attack and stoke, was concerned and I am to see him again in three weeks.  Call me Tuesday, he said and let me know you are better.

My GP has been my primary physician for 35 years and he and I always talk politics.  Yesterday we spoke of the health care situation.  We agree the Congressional representatives who made the first move to kill the ACA are evil and/or imbeciles.

I didn’t care much for the ACA when it was rammed through the Congress by Democrats, but its grown on me.  I believe everyone has a right to health care.  When I am very sick, I believe this even more.

Given all we as a nation have suffered through getting the ACA, it makes no sense to eliminate it or start all over again.  Starting over never works, you can see this with the history of the U. S. Immigration law and the U.S. Tax Code…the two longest laws on the federal books. Both have developed over many years and caused much drama along the way as different people fiddled with them.  Mend it don’t end it is my belief regarding the ACA.


My DNA results arrived this AM and as I expected, I am 99 percent Western European. Disaggregated, this means most of my ancestors came from France, the former Austro-Hungarian Empire (German, Austrian, Czech, Slovenian). I am also 5% Irish and 6% Scandinavian, a trace of very northern Italian, and a little Basque and Greek. The last 1 percent is Western Asian, probably from what is modern-day Turkey (where many Greeks once lived).

I have found the Greek and Swedish ancestors in my tree, they came in on mom’s side.  The Irish came in on dad’s side as “English.”  They migrated from what is Cumbria today (and faces the Irish Sea) and what was Northumbria in Anglo-Saxon times.

Ancestry.com notes, thanks to countless wars and invasions by the likes of Julius Caesar, Napoleon, etc., European DNA is the most admixed on earth. Apparently, my European DNA (99 percent) is more European than that of the typical European in the Ancestry data base (48 percent). Ancestry says:

The Europe West region is a broad expanse stretching from Amsterdam’s sea-level metropolis to the majestic peaks of the Alps. Geographically dominated by France in the west and Germany in the east, it includes several nations with distinct cultural identities. From the boisterous beer gardens of Munich to the sun-soaked vineyards of Bordeaux and the alpine dairy farms of Switzerland, it is a region of charming cultural diversity.




3 thoughts on “Out from under

  1. Ah so it was a DNA test. What an awesome gift.

    I am really, really sorry to hear about your sister. That’s awful news. I wish you much strength in the coming months.

    I think all rich countries are duty bound to deliver health care for all their citizens. Period. It’s possible. Other countries do it. The challenge is the system that’s used. That’s not an easy one.

    Again. Really sorry about your sister.

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