Muddling through


When my physical therapist arrived this morning, David left for the grocery store.  His trips have a social aspect for him, and take longer and longer.  It’s been two hours.  He had only a few items to retrieve, mostly fluids like orange juice for me who is fighting a cold migrated into my bronchial tubes.

Fortunately, my ribs had improved enough by the time I contracted the cold, my coughing and sneezing are far less painful then they might have been a week ago.  I suppose a hazard of doctor’s offices is germs left by other patients. And I am a germ catcher from way back.

Given David has been gone two hours, I decided I better put some nouishment in my body.  Searching through the refrigerator I found a half carton of chicken veggie soup purchased at Trader Joe a week ago and heated it in the microwave.

As I write this post I am supping my soup with hungry dogs looking at me wistfully. I have only one bowl, so Johnny who is twice the sizeof Clare gets to lick it. Hang in there Clare, I hear daddy on the porch.


I’d like to say something profound, but cannot.  Politics are a drag these days, and besides a relative near and dear has forbidden me to speak of politics when talking with her. (She also asked if I was ready for assisted living.)

She has sequestered herself from all sources describing the latest ups and downs in politics. I fear many people have this attitude.

Thomas Jefferson might have written “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance” but many people don’t or won’t make the effort to maintain that vigilance. Amazingly, these same folks are the very people who are mislead by fake news and disinformtion during election years. The results of their negligence will be sworn into office this month.


David and I arise early and watch Joe Scarborough on MSNBC.  Several of the talented talking heads frequenting this program include reporters and historians who suggest we citizens need to focus on issues, not personalities.

I agree.  Beating a dead horse never works.  I have been interested in following the issues below for many years.

1/ the state of the economy. I think “supply side” or voodoo economics don’t work. Never have never will.

2/ the environment.  If we don’t take better care of it we are all doomed.  That’s a fact. This broad area ranges from climate change to endangered species. I could write reams on these topics, but won’t.

Suffice it to say that you cannot afford to be badly informed about this subject.  Don’t tell me you love your children if you don’t mind how we go with regard to our air, water, and so on.

3/ Civil rights.  This item affects everyone.  To deny one person their rights is to deny yourself.

4/ National security.  Come on, we can’t leave it all up to John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  Romney told us years ago Putin and Russia were a threat.

5/ Health care.  I objected to the manner in which the ACA was created, but suggest the best way to provide health care for all is to “mend it don’t end it.”


Okay, I’m out of energy now and David is home.  Thanks for stopping by.




16 thoughts on “Muddling through

  1. I share the same concerns you list along with issues directly affecting women’s rights which are part of other issues, but seem to have to be specifically addressed.

    Had to chuckle at coincidence of TJ’s chicken soup, chicken barley & lentil I added to my refrigerator. All this in my preparation for our “cold” 40s-50s — (remember everything is relative) weather and expected heavy rain after tomorrow’s 70s.

    Glad you continue on the mend & not having to cough too much. Can identify with socialization at grocery, even if it’s no more than talking briefly with long time checker there.


  2. I too was/still am despondent over the sad state of political affairs. Listening to the news or constantly talking about it is depressing, but taking action – any action – makes me feel a little better. Signing petitions, notifying my congressman (a Republican) of my views on various subjects, etc. Not a big deal, but must do something…

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  3. After the election, I was so angry at all the pundits who gave me false hope (not to mention the pollsters) that I sort of stopped reading the news for a week or two…. then I came to my senses.

    I know that you read Ronni Bennett (As Time Goes By) and she has had some great posts about resisting. But she said this a day or two ago:

    “… here is a thought to keep in mind during all of 2017: It is possible to live in terrible, even frightening political times and still delight in the pleasures great and small of day-to-day.”

    That is kind of what I’m trying to do these days. But that’s kind of hard to do when you have a bad cold like you do.!! Get well soon so that you can delight in the small pleasures and carry on the good fight about the larger picture.

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    • Sick as I am, I can delight in s good cup of tea and a great book. My little dog is also a constant joy. When I am better and spring is here, I will rally again. I also know that if the heartless try to take away medical care, people will rise up again and not be duped by propaganda. ATGB is a wonderful blog.

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  4. You have my heart-felt sympathy. I catch things easily and so have skipped the gym (on my MD’s advice) since our town is experiencing a plague of flu. Sorry about the coughing though even if your ribs are better, push the hot fluids. God, I sound like somebody’s Mom. Ha, ha!

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