Nothing is Impossible

Took my Tylenol extra strength, plastered my back and shoulder with Salonpas and heap wrap, and got my first good night of sleep last night.  Very grateful.

I used a trick Aunt Marge showed me after her heart attack, where she was taught to hug a stuffed bear to her chest to help with pain.  I found a small pillow I carried all over Europe on various overnight trips, and did the same. It helped.  Day by day, I am getting better.


Got a surprise message from daughter Connie yesterday.  Connie’s daughters gave her an Ancestry membership and DNA kit for Christmas, and she wanted to view the family tree I built. I worked with Ancestry to get her hooked up to my tree. Eventually, if her interest remains keen, I will turn the tree over to her.  I am so gratified that she cares.

At present my tree contains about 2500 people and over 6,000 records. It will take Connie a while to review it. Meanwhile, I am spending time on mom’s tree which is folks from the Netherlands before they emigrated to Michigan in the nineteenth century.  Fortunately, the Dutch kept excellent records.


Today or tomorrow, I should finish Pilgrimage: My search for the real Pope Francis, by Mark Shriver. (I’m setting my reading challenge at 50 books in 2017.)

Shriver’s book is biographical/history of Bergoglio before he became Francis, a history of Argentina through these tempestuous years, a history of the Catholic Church from its hard right turn in the nineteenth century to the papacy of John XXIII, who tried to shift the church into a more moderate place in the lives of Catholics, interspersed with autobiographical bits about Shriver, head of Save the Children, an NGO I support.

I have only realized in recent years that the harsh church where I spent my formative years was “invented” during the counter-reformation. According to Shriver, Francis is more focused on faith and love than right-wing orthodoxy.

In Argentina, Francis lived with society’s outcasts…the poor, the downtrodden and those yearning to breathe free.  Francis is a leftist, but not a Marxist theologian of the Revolutionaries.  Francis is a moderate or what we used to call Liberal. This book is a great read.



22 thoughts on “Nothing is Impossible

  1. You are sounding so much better. Simply grand. Nice to know that trick with the pillow, and even nicer to know about the book. I so like Francis.
    I worked the Auto Show today….and we had two great lines of cars there. Very successful in my eyes. We did four hours, I took my walker which saved the day, and G tried seats in all the trucks. They were all rock hard. 🙂 Perhaps the seats all lean to the right.


  2. It is important to avoid the strong painkillers if you can. Every time I take them I have psychotic episodes. So it’s Tylenol for me.
    I’m hoping good healing and much joy for you in the New Year.

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  3. Glad you’re able to get some pain relief without the heavy duty pain pills that can make a person so groggy. Sounds like you’re the kind of person a P.T. can enjoy working with — motivated to listen and put forth recommended level of effort. Have seen some of PBS programming on Catholic Church, its evolution and that of religion in general — it is very interesting. Relative I never had an opportunity to discuss topic with, taught Philosophy of religions at Columbia — wrote a book on Swedenborg. So many varying belief systems — commonalities are of special interest.

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    • They gave me morphine in the hospital, but I switched to Tylenol as soon as I could. Painful, but the human body releases its own chemicals to fight pain if you let it. I believe they are call endorphins. I wont take opioids if I can help it.
      Some therapists seem to enjoy working with me. Others not so much.

      Regarding religions…like our politics, they lie on a left-right continuum. I’m a Liberal so I am interested in many points of view. Some I like, others I take with a grain of salt.

      Basically orthodoxy is a manmade phenomena so it reflects political leaning. Saint Paul said it best…faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love. All that matters is love.


  4. Netflix has an excellent series, Call Me Francis, that I am watching. I should have read the book that you are reading because I really know very little about Argentina’s history.

    I am setting my GoodReads goal for 52 books, a book a week.

    So glad that you are getting better and have found aids to help you get some sleep. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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