VJ my in-home physical therapist visited today and said next week when the temp reaches 60 degrees, we will walk outside.  I told him great because my dog needs it. VJ has me doing leg exercises to keep blood moving and avoid clots.

Although I spent half the night sitting in my easy chair and sleeping, I slept the rest of last night in my bed after I remembered Salonpas patches and David plastered my broken ribs. That and “Extra Strength” Tylenol are my pain relievers.  No morphine for me.

Saw my GP yesterday and obtained a referral to a heart specialist to discuss to the ‘Thoracic Aortic Aneurism’ or ‘Aortic Dilatation’ as Radiology describes it.  Because Dad, Aunt Marge and others eventually received stents, I assume this flaw in my Aorta is a family thing.  Pacemakers are also a family thing.  My brother, age almost 70 has had six heart attacks and survived.


Listened to an old OPRAH program this morning where she interviewed Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.  Like many teenagers in the 1950s, I was awestruck by Hollywood and avidly followed the gossip about the stars.  Even read Hedda Hopper’s columns/books.

I lived in an age before the Interstate highways were built and Hollywood, New York, and even Philadelphia where American Bandstand was broadcast seemed like faraway exotic places.  Hollywood scandals were our ‘big news.’  Little did I realize at the time the pain behind these scandals and the frail humans involved.


I watched the Hollow Crown on PBS and winced with every sword thrust.  Best adaptation of the Shakespeare plays associated with the Wars of the Roses yet. One caveat, Benedict Cumberbatch has far too kindly a face to play Richard III, and is not as great an actor as Lawrence Olivier.

 So I am reading, doing calming things like watching old movies and film clips because GP says everything should be okay as long as we keep the blood pressure under control (122/68 yesterday).  Stress avoidance, that’s the key.


18 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. I’m struggling myself with some lung problem, heart problem, pulled muscle, etc. Just hoping to get better before a trip to the Mainland. What really gets me down is low energy, when I have so much to do. Figuring out strategies to make the most of what energy I have.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

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  2. You certainly have the right of it all. I think I would be watching old musicals. Lighten me right up. Happy new year to you dear friend. You can find me wading in Brother Cadfell and Inspector Pitt if you want me. Hugs.

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  3. Don’t read any newspapers – that is the only way to keep calm. On the other hand it is probably better to know the worst and accept what we can or cannot change. Every Blessing

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    • As always, wise advice Freda.

      News is not a problem for me, I tend to expect the worst. When good things happen, I am delighted. People believing lies is a problem and those near and dear can make me angry. I’m getting better at not reacting to provocations, however.


  4. I’ve always admired Debbie Reynolds for her bravery in difficult circumstances. First, her husband and father of her two children left her for another woman and then her second husband wasted her money and left her several million dollars in debt. She pulled herself up, worked non-stop for decades, and paid off the debts. Anyway, she had spunk.

    Hope you continue to heal each day. Happy New Year to you and yours!!

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  5. Well fiddlesticks — I get behind on reading your blog and you fall down (?) and hurt yourself. How awful — I am so sorry and hope you continue to improve. Yikes. (I am reading backwards and so don’t know exactly what happened yet — I will go back and review all the posts I missed).

    What do your dogs do when it is so cold?


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