Update Dec. 27

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Lil Chris and his family: A few Christmas photos.

VJ my in-home physical therapist came today and had me do some mild exercise with my legs designed to help blood flow. I am a bit better, although two nights ago, I slept in my easy chair downstairs because it was just too painful to lie down. Breathing is complicated when you have five broken ribs and no position is “better.”

After expelling copious amounts of gas and other, I slept better last night.  This buildup was the result of morphine administered at the hospital. I am now relatively drug and gas-free, and taking “extra strength”Tylenol. You are one tough lady, says VJ who worked with me when I had joint replacements.


Lots of time for reading and chicken soup.  Kathy brought over Matzo ball soup and David is bringing chicken noodle soup from the store.  I am a big fan of the old style soup from Campbells. I first tasted it when Grandpa Schmidley and I traveled by train from northern WI down to Fondulac one summer. I never got much in those days when soup in cans was costly and mom made soup from Lipton’s packets. One year when I was sick, dad bought me a whole case of the canned Campbell’s soup. Currently reading Pilgrimage: my search for the real Pope Francis, by Mark Shriver.  More on this book later.


Brother D visited me in hospital, bringing holy water from Lourdes.  Did it help?  All I can say is I feel better. I’ll be around to visit as I can.

10 thoughts on “Update Dec. 27

    • Thanks Celia. Yes, although I’ve had both pneumonia shots, the doctor said I could still develop pneumonia if I don’t take deep breaths. Today, I’m able to cough a bit. sneezing, laughing and crying are still painful.


  1. Sending good thoughts from eastern Canada, SS. I sounds like you are on the mend.

    Baby Christopher is growing up too fast. He looks so much like his Mama too.

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