Cracked up

Short post today.  Wednesday night, I fell and banged myself hard, acquiring five fractured ribs. Today, its hard to breathe let alone use my lap top. After x-rays and Cscan, Doc said I had not punctured my lung but the Cscan revealed a small Aortic anuresim that bears watching.  Also my electrolytes are messed up.  Hospital doctor changed my meds.  See my GP and heart specialist next week.

25 thoughts on “Cracked up

  1. You just don’t listen, do you! I’m sure I instructed you to keep your feet on the floor, but maybe I failed to add that meant you kept your body off the floor. Very inconsiderate of Drs to add a new unexpected issue — as if the ribs weren’t enough, now there’s the aneurysm. About your timing — none of this was a very good choice as a Christmas present to yourself. Now that I have properly chastised you, I must add I surely am sorry to hear that you’re going thru this at any time, but somehow the holiday season seems so unfair. Do take it easy, but guess you don’t have much choice.

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  2. OH no — cracked ribs are no fun and of course it figures that they found something else serious when you went to the hospital — that has happened to Bill every time he goes for one thing. But in his case as in yours, thank God they did.

    I enjoyed seeing your post about your family . And also your words about growing up in the 50s and the movie magazine culture — I certainly had many of those same thoughts with the news today and yesterday. I loved Debbie Reynolds. Didn’t we all?

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  3. NOT FAIR ! It may be a blessing in disguise however if they found an aneurism that wouldn’t normally show up. I will have my fingers crossed and am anxious to hear how it turns out. All the very best to you.

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  4. One “good” thing from the fall was the discovery of the aneurysm. It may not have been found until it was too late otherwise. I hope you heal quickly, SS.

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  5. And that wasn’t the early Christmas present you were hoping for!
    Merry Christmas Dianne to you and your David – me and my David are off down the coast on this lovely sunny very warm Christmas morning. Going to sit in the shade of a tree near the beach and celebrate the Holiday with a picnic. Ham, Prawns and green salad followed by fresh fruit and Ginger Beer. We’ll have the Christmas Pudding tomorrow on Boxing Day.
    Take care, see you in the New Year and as the others have said, listen to the Dr’s orders and follow them!

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