Seasonal activity

Yesterday, David and I made our way to our favorite restaurant, for our big meal of the season.  David had Beef Stroganoff and I had a petite filet.  Years ago when my kids were small, I made a Stroganoff with a cheap cut of beef. The beef in David’s dish yesterday was so tender he could cut it with the back of a fork.  My filet was equally tender, a good thing as I am nursing a sore tooth until January 4th when I see my dentist.

I know the tooth will be a major expense, and as he requires an upfront payment, I didn’t want to start the process before the holidays.

The owner of the local restaurant where we ate frequented by the wealthy, asked me “Why don’t we come more often.”  I told him we can only afford it once a year.  He says,”Do you live in Arlington,” I said yes.  He says then you can afford to come more than once a year.  I should have said, living in Arlington is why we can’t afford to come but once a year, but I didn’t. Instead I mentioned my pet’s needs and David’s need to care for the outdoor birds with much bird food.

I could pull money out of my savings, but these funds are for my old age. David doesn’t have much money or time left.  At 87 he’s in a race against time. One doesn’t want to die, but one doesn’t want to run out of money before one dies either.

At least David has dental insurance.  I don’t. Stupidly, when I had the chance to buy dental insurance, I didn’t.  I had so much work done before I retired ten years ago, it never occurred to me that my teeth would need additional work as I aged.  David seldom uses his dental insurance. He’s also fortunate as his teeth are sound.


I received word from Ancestry yesterday that my DNA sample had arrived.  They suggested I continue to work on my tree to enrich my experience. Over 100 hints awaited me on my tree, so I resumed work this morning on my mother’s side.  Now, I am half blind from trying to read Dutch names. I did get back to the 1600s, however.


Yesterday, Rita posted the photo below. She finally accepted. She always said she would never get married.  However they’ve been together a long time. and everybody loves both big and little Chris.



13 thoughts on “Seasonal activity

  1. What a presumptive conclusion on that restaurant owner’s part — hasn’t he heard of people being “house poor” or having other out-of-control expenses, often something to do with health including the dental to which you referf? Hope not too much with your teeth. Now, we get to see what DT and gang have in mind for SS. I said I’d never marry either and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t bring any children into this world, but ate my words eventually on both counts.

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  2. Oh retirement planning is very simple . All you have to do is know exactly when you are going to die and budget so that you run out of money the day before that. Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas. Your granddaughter looks so happy and so do the two Chrises.


  3. Life is such a series of choices and gambles. Just as your granddaughter has chosen to finally say yes. I too had never planned to marry, and look, 42 years later we are quite happy together. One never knows.


  4. There is a lot wrong in the UK and dentists that do NHS work are not as numerous as they used to me. But I am grateful to have mine. Sorry about your sore tooth.

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  5. Sorry about your hurting tooth. I really don’t like it when business people start prodding about what I can or cannot be spending my money on. People assume way too much about others. Outliving our money ain’t funny.

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    • No it isn’t funny to outlive your money. Many other people are worse off than I am. Unfortunately, when they give people on SS a raise, it doesn’t keep up with the medical costs. I have good insurance plus my SS but I pay for it.


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