Onward and Upward

As much as I like Sally Field I won’t see her new movie.  Hollywood has made yet another ridiculous film about a 60-year old finding love with a child. OK he’s a hunk and Sally looks great, but really. Give me a break, do I look like I was born yesterday?



Mom’s grandparents, Cornelius and Lena, born in Zeeland in the Netherlands, emigrated to the US and lived and died in Michigan.

I did it. I sent my DNA sample off.  I hope to discover or have confirmed more about my roots.  I’ve built many branches of my tree back to the 1600s, so I have a pretty good idea what they will discover. However, it seemed like fun and I wanted to do it before I die.  If I didn’t screw up  the sample, I should get a result about March.

My DIL’s mother had her DNA tested, and as expected there was much evidence of roots in Iberia and southern Europe.  Given Wendy’s family has deep roots in Spanish CA this comes as no surprise.  Wendy said she put ‘Hispanic’ on grandsons birth certificates because she concluded long ago she was Hispanic.

Members of my family have wondered for sometime about my Mom’s Dad’s family which has deep roots in Zeeland in the ‘Spanish’ Netherlands.  Spain occupied Zealand for a very long time. Soldiers of King Phillip II, billeted in homes, intermixed with the local women, and left behind many dark-eyed children. Sephardic Jews from Spain also fled to the Netherlands in the sixteenth century although they mostly settled in cities.

Given Phillip II controlled the Mediterranean at one time and had a very mixed race/ethnic army. Goodness knows what might turn up in my mitochondrial DNA. A fun book (three volumes) about this period, The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Phillip II by Fernand Braudel.

People in Europe have been mixing it up for a very long time with each other and people from other places. There is no pure anything anywhere except perhaps the Basque region and other mountainous areas never conquered.

Oh I love this stuff.


13 thoughts on “Onward and Upward

  1. I’ll be interested in your DNA results as am contemplating getting a report myself but was considering a test with 23andMe, or CRI Genetics or Ancestry you mentioned — don’t know what’s best.


    • Yes Kay told me. Problem is, so few people of Asian descent in the US have had their DNA tested the results are very thin. This means the sample is not big enough to distinguish specific DNA types one from another.

      On the other hand, DIL Wendy’s mom’s mom was adopted so Wendy did not know what her heritage was on her mom’s side. Wendy’s other grandparents came from Mexico and Spain, so she reckoned she was Hispanic but was there anything else? She discovered several different European ancestors, and an African ancestor or two. Not Surprising if you know the history of Mexico and Spain.

      If you have a mix of ancestors you can discover many interesting facts. Kay and Art are probably 100 percent Japanese so Art wold not have found out a lot.

      On the other hand when Yo Yo MA had his ancestry revealed he found he had quite a history, so did Kristi Yamaguchi.

      Truth is in the West we tend to know much about Western history. People of Asian descent have a colorful history, but Westerners are mostly ignorant of anything that happened before the European Colonial Era in Asia.


  2. Father’s father traced us back to King Henry the 8th’s comptroller. Mother and uncled have us back to the Mayflower and the DAR folks. I had all those records, but sent them off to George’s brother to insert in the Mormon libraries.

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    • My ancestors, some of them, go back to the Mayflower. Mostly, they were Puritans in opposition to Royals. Nonconformists they called themselves. Many vicars who lost their parishes because of conflict with Anglicans/Catholics. Moms family came from today’s Netherlands. Probably mostly Dutch, German and maybe something else according to records.


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