I’ve neen thinking…

Ely 19

I’m still working on my family tree. Lately I’ve worked on dad’s side.  I’m back 10-12 generations in several lines. When you go back ten generations, you have thousands of ancestors.  The lines I have followed lead to England, Wales and Prussia.  One Prussian line migrated to Durham, England in the fifteenth century. Three generations later, some of them sailed to the Netherlands. Later, they migrated with others to the “New World” to build their “City on a Hill.”

Today these migrants are known as the ‘Great Puritan Migration.’ I’m sad to say, before they left England they smashed many Medieval church windows (above, surviving windows in York, England) and busted many church artifacts.  I, who am several generations removed, wondered when I visited England why anyone would do this. Now I know, my iconoclastic great-grandfathers, that’s who.

These Protestants (what an apt name), came to America and formed what became known in later years as ‘Evangelicals.’ These New Englanders were the hotbed of protests for many years. They argued with each other and helped each other. They argued with Indians and befriended Indians (as long as they became Protestants).

In the eighteenth century they fought the French and  Catholic Indians, and later rebelled against England. In the nineteenth century, they protested the US invasion of Mexico, some of them naming their village Mexico Maine.  They were abolitionists, abhorred slavery and fought for the Union Army. Others became Quakers.

I know many things about my dad’s ancestors because they left records, some of them court records.

Mom’s family is pretty commonplace, generation after generation of farmers in Groningen and Zeeland.  Mom’s mom’s family name is Frisian, which means they came from islands off the coast of the Netherlands. Some of them were baptised in the cathedral in Groningen. At least one died when he fell into a canal and drowned.


Following the election, I was in a black hole, imagining the worst for my country. I’ve cheered myself up by remembering to have an attitude of gratitude.  I’m grateful for many things, including the fact we are not experiencing the horrors of Syria and Yemen.

Gratitude for smaller things include the new Democrat governor of NC and the new women Democrat Senators, including Tammy Duckworth who has some of the same ancestors I do.

Ignorant “experts” on TV say the Democrat party is a “coastal party.”  To them I say what about Illinois and Minnesota. The last time I looked, they were in the middle of the US and have huge populations that went blue.

Actually, its more accurate to say the Democrat party is an urban party.  Cities pretty much went for Hillary. That’s why she won the popular vote. The electoral college favors a rural population. The framers were farmers who favored the rural voter. The rural-urban split has been around a long time.

10 thoughts on “I’ve neen thinking…

  1. I have to tell myself to be positive about politics. If he still wants to run Celebrity Apprentice then maybe he’ll leave running the government to someone else. No I am just joking. We are a large country with many different wants and needs. It is in every one’s best interest to get along and negotiate. So that is my plan…. aside from a few snide remarks I intend to sling now and then.

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    • I am issues oriented, not for or against any political party. I am also positive we must do more to protect the environment. Can’t be very conciliatory with those who think we have unlimited resources. We don’t. And health care is a huge issue for many people.


  2. Enjoyed your ancestral recap. Recently had a genealogy book prepared which has been fascinating. Wonder if some of “my people” knew “your people” so many generations ago when they came to this new world — religious, business, farming, governing. My dtr, lfor whom VA has become her adopted home, has been surprised and delighted to learn we had such strong early roots in the area.

    Focusing on the positive, being grateful for much is important for my mental health. Hopefully, there will be opportunities presented where there’s the potential for our nation to progress toward a promising future within the framework of our constitution without too many steps backward. Perhaps the urban and rural population could benefit from acquiring more appreciation, acceptance and tolerance for one another to the degree compromise is recognized as respectable civil behavior for those with differing views.

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    • All my dad’s ancestors from 1620 to 1866 lived in New England. After that, some moved to WI and intermarried with immigrants from Switzerland and Germany. Others went further west.

      Moms side were immigrants from the Netherlands, after 1860 who settled in MI and WI.

      My daughters dad’s family dates from Jamestown VA. David’s family is mix from Russia, England, Scotland, and Germany. All of them settled in VA and NC and some owned slaves.


    • The urban population is the future as cities continue to sprawl outward. In urban areas, most of us realize the importance of clean air. Burning fossil fuels in the Midwest leads to foul air in the East.

      Does not matter if the source is gas powered cars or coal burning plants outside the city. We need to clean up the sources which foul the air and make breathing difficult for many, especially children. Answers lie in mass transportation solutions dependent on electricity.

      Whether one believes humans contribute to climate change or not, it exists.


  3. Hi: For some reason I have a hard time getting your blog to come up. I was glad I could click on it when you commented on mine and here I am ! I so agree about the gratitude. You don’t have to look far to see how very fortunate we are. I think that in the short range the Donald will have many changes that (dare I say the word …) uneducated people will applaud but it makes me sick to think of how far back we will go when it comes to civil rights and just plain decency to others all over the world.

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