Better than ever

Slowly I am feeling better.  The weather has been cooperating with sunny days, although we still have some drought. Where we have had gorgeous autumn months in previous years, the trees this fall went from green to dead brown. Seasonal aberration throws me off and makes me cranky.

Although it’s finally chilly here, I turned on the soaker hose in the side yard this morning.  I want to give the shrubs a good watering before we have hard freezes.  Plants die in winter, not from cold but from thirst.

As usual the leaves from our oak tree and the neighbor’s linden trees have piled up in our yard.  We should rake them up because the county will begin leaf collection soon, but both of us have bum shoulders, me with a torn rotator cuff, David with arthritic joint issues.

I saw my orthopedic surgeon last Friday and got another shot, the effect from which allowed me to manage a mammogram. He also prescribed more physical therapy.  I hope it helps because the thought of yet another surgery gives me heartburn. After sharing his 20 year struggle with a bad shoulder, our dentist proclaimed our teeth sound, and his receptionist suggested all these medical appointments “get you out.”  Haha, the thoughts of youth.

Meanwhile I push along as does David.  Later this morning we head to the Heidelberg bakery to pick up lunch.  He wants his bratwurst and I want my candy coated almonds.  Not a bad day planned as long as I can ignore the leaf piles.


David Brooks NY Times opinion writer and Friday evening PBS opinion giver says we should all be happy and give Trump a chance. David goes up and down with the Stock Market.  First, we don’t have a choice.  Second, a chance to do what?  And Third, David, do you mean like the chance the Republicans gave Obama?

I just hope Trump has the good sense to appoint Mitt Romney Secretary of State. Mitt is a really decent man and actually has government experience. He has even worked with Liberals.  Mitt worked to save the Olympics so we know he has people skills. The thought of crazy Rudy running around the world scares me.



Christopher at six months.

And to end on a happier note.  Above my favorite little great-grandson.    






20 thoughts on “Better than ever

  1. Your great-grand baby is adorable. i can’t read opinion pages any more. I am sorry about your shoulder and thank you for your kind comments on my blog. My hands are healing and I am glad for my iPad bus with the stylus I can hunt and peck type with my left hand. My fall was so minor compared to what you are going through, I shouldn’t have complained.


    • Romney is a decent man. There’s much to be said about that. However, many people, including some Evangelicals are prejudiced against Mormons.

      The other roadblock is Romney himself and his objections to Trump. As of this afternoon, this appointment looks iffy.

      My second choice is Senator Crocker (R-TN). As Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he is fairly knowledgeable, and doesn’t strike me as a crackpot like Giuliani or Gingrich.


  2. Just looking at Christopher’s smile must make your troubles feel a little less painful. What a sweetie! Truly, the thought of Rudy having any sort of power is scary.


  3. Little Chris has got to be the most photogenic baby ever. By the way – I love the mountains, we have been driving through ones similar today, all covered with snow and with the sun shining beautifully. Maybe it is time to think on better things. Blessings


  4. When my daughter fell and broke her clavicle, she was given a sling to hold her arm up and bent at the elbow. She was told to hold her head high and shoulders pulled back and to maintain good posture. If she had bad posture, the bones would heal in a slouched position and it would be permanent.

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