Don’t worry, be happy


Whimsical statute at the San Diego botanical garden, Encinitis, CA

Ginnie over at Goldendaze has the right idea with regard to Trump….it is what it is.  Many leftist friends are wringing their hands and some on the right are gleeful.  But I think neither “side” should fall into despair or celebrate to soon.

 I was for Hillary, not because I was enthusiastic about her, but because I felt she was “safe.” If she were elected, things would pretty much go along as they have, I believed.  Forget for better or worse. I have never been one for “change.”

Politicians promise this, that, and the other, but seldom deliver. If you don’t know that you are naive. For example take the debt and deficit.  I’ve been hearing about them since I was a child and mom talked about guns and butter.

The truth is most people in Congress grab what they can to please constituents back home, because they believe bringing home the bacon is what gets them reelected, not worrying about the national debt. If things were left to individual elected officials, regardless of party, we would still have every base, post, and station from WWII whether we needed them or not.

We only got the Base Realignment and Closure Act because of compromise across party lines. Fortunately, many localities have used the land resulting from the Act to create green spaces.

Trump thinks he can get term limits….fat chance.

Democrats are angry about the Electoral College, but the darn thing was established  long ago in the Constitution to protect rural areas and small states or states with small populations from urban areas and states with huge populations. Altering the Constitution requires more than a president waving his hands.  Many Congress people don’t want states with large populations to run things.  Is that good or bad?  Depends. Trump used to hate it, now thinks its great.

Lets face it, one size fits all never works well.

Regarding climate change, my favorite topic, whether governments act or not, consumers can do much.

I believe most good things are done at the state and local level.  Be a cultural conservationist.  To me it means, don’t buy every new thing that comes along, recycle, reuse, repurpose. Encourage your local officials to adopt laws that support this. Drive less, walk or bicycle and support mass transportation in urban areas. Don’t use glyphosate or use farm products that do. Look for the Oregon tilth  or California organic label. If you garden, and you should…big or small…compost.

More seriously….what about political correctness and hate speech. We know what we have to do.  We have always had barbarians in our midst. We don’t have to emulate them. Be kind.

Remember, corporations respond to their bottom line, so vote with your pocketbook. My Christmas money is going to my favorite charities.

20 thoughts on “Don’t worry, be happy

  1. Yes, it comes down to not having govt do all for us, but each of us as individuals taking actions in our own personal lives, in our locale, and voting responsibly beginning at the local level.

    As for Issa vs Applegate, though not in my area but my friend’s, the last I heard on news this morning was they were still counting votes and didn’t know how much longer it would take. Orange Co. traditional conservative stronghold — John Wayne country.

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  2. Yes, of course, let’s wait and see. But there is one thing which makes me very unhappy, both over there and over here: how we let the biggest liars and deceivers, proper con artists, get away with their lies. How stupid we are to let ourselves be bamboozled, never asking for an apology, at the very least.

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    • This is so true. However, regarding education, you can lead a horse to water… also, the educated can sometimes be blind to the needs of the less well educated. Now we are all hoping ‘The Donald’ is a better president than we fear.


  3. I still cannot face blogging, mainly because Trump looms so large and so unpredictable. I am hoping for sanity and common-sense to come some time soon.


  4. Good thinking in this piece. As you point out, as individuals we can do many things to preserve and enhance our environment. Contributing to worthwhile organizations perhaps is the best was to oppose Trumpism effectively.


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