The morning after


Oh how I would like a morning after pill to help me with the political hangover I have. Condolences to all the Trump supporters who were thrilled last night to see your candidate win.

When Bill Clinton won the presidency way back when, a reporter asked him what he was going to do now.  His response was that he felt like the dog who caught the bus.  He certainly had a rough ride for eight years.  It won’t be any different for Donald Trump.

All the horrible issues, and facing the factious Congress Mr Obama had to face the past almost eight years await the next president. Keep a close eye on Washington DC for a while and you wonder why anyone would want the job.  Hubris is a major factor.

New presidents always seem surprised by the limitations. The wise Framers of our Constitution placed restrictions on the job. The States they represented were jealous of their powers and shared only those few with the federal government they saw as necessary for defense, interstate commerce, foreign trade and eventually a common monetary system. It’s all spelled out in the “enumerated powers” of the Constitution. President Kennedy compared these limits to fighting a feather bed.

Thus there will be no ban on Muslims, immigration will be regulated and not ended, refugees will be sheltered, and the States will have a say-so on any wall along their border with another country.

Hillary and Bill can now return to their good works with the foundation that carries their name. She broke a glass ceiling and fought the good fight, even Donald said so.  Now she deserves a rest. Thank you Hillary for all those years of service.

As for Donald, hold onto your seat, its going to be a bumpy ride. And thank you in advance for the next four years of entertainment.

36 thoughts on “The morning after

  1. At first it was just shock horror here but already, by tonight, satire and humour are setting in. People are aware that the Orange One can do huge damage in all sorts of vital areas (trade agreements and the environment are two big concerns here) but there must be checks and balances, we hope. Besides, the man knows nothing and must surely have enough nous to hear what his advisers say?

    Yes, we laugh about him, yes we wonder how so many Americans could be so blind stupid, but we are also a bit scared. After all, nuclear buttons could just be in reach of his pointy little fingers.

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    • This was the. Year for a Republican win and they did. We just didn’t think it would be Donald. I will think better of him if he doesn’t appoint Steve Brannon as his chief of staff. Brannon is a disciple of Breitbart, king of alt-right dirty tricks.

      Many Americans, particularly our youth now exercising their right to free speech are scared too.

      Our youth are educated, know that climate change is not a Chinese hoax, and voted. Voting was down in some Black communities like Flint MI and the mostly White rust belt areas that once voted Democrat.

      The national poll sample was correct, Hillary won the popular vote. However, the state samples were wrong. When I was at my peak math wise, I could write statistical paper on why that happened.

      Years ago I wrote a research paper on how the US apportions delegates and creates state legislatures based on the most recent census. Both reflect our electoral college(EC). Difficult to understand now, but the EC favors Republicans. Once upon a time, when the EC was included in the Constitution, the Framers, specifically Jefferson) did it with the idea of protecting farmers/rural areas from the “monied” class in the big city. And political parties.

      Gerrymandering by Republican governors has further distorted the pattern.

      This mess will continue for some time I fear. The best thing Dems can do is get back to basics and stop taking people for granted.
      Meanwhile we all have to live with the failure of Dems to live up to their promises.

      Republicans have a whole other can of worms to address. Mostly, we are not racists here in the US, however, we still have a way to go.


  2. Good to have your perspective. I agree that Trump is going to face some formidable opposition on the hill. Hope his most objectionable proposals get stopped cold or modified greatly. I, too, am worried about going backwards with environmental protections. Some of Obama’s good work in that area was by executive order, and Trump probably will undo some of that.

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    • I hope for the best and expect the worst. I am an environmental voter. The moves so far for Sec of Energy and the transcontinental pipelines look ominous. Problem is, there are no big supporters of the environment in Congress, except perhaps McCain who once argued the root word of conservation is conservative. We will have to work with local officials I think.


      • I’m concerned legislation, rulings will be implemented that could force California to roll back, or water down some of our environmental measures — stronger in some areas than even the Fed. govt. regs.

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      • Of course you are, me too. I admire CA on these grounds. However, recall Republicans are big “states rights” people, and as such, I doubt they will try this. Our state has made some progress on the environmental front because of our tendency to elect Democrat senators and governor, and following court rulings. Our Republican state legislature is a bit behind the times.


    • Hillary said we must come together and we will. Trump was a Democrat until two years ago, other than that we don’t know much about him. him. We do know he gave money to Hillary, among other Democrats. He’s not an uber conservative and not a religious wing nut. Some pundits project he will govern like Teddy Roosevelt.

      At any rate, it is what it is.


  3. I’m glad you can make a joke about it but I am so tired of this kind of entertainment – – I’m trying to keep in mind the points you make, but I’m afraid he will ignore them and his advisors. And I am very worried about the Supreme Court.

    Well — I am going outside and pretend to be Pollyanna and look at pretty birds and flowers. At least they are still there.


    • I felt more humerous early this morning. The ebullient feeling has left me throughout the day.

      We can expect Trump will try to undo everything Obama did from the Iran Deal to the Paris Accord. I have great concern about the environment, so enjoy those birds as long as you can.

      Fortunately John McCain,Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte will be in the Senate, along with Marco Rubio. The Republicans are still divided. Those Senators along with the Democrats may be able to block some measures. (Lindsey is already on Trump’s enemies list.)


  4. I thought I was listening to a different person when I heard Donald Trump on the radio this morning. And I am not sure which was the more frightening the nasty or the nice. Blessings as you all recover

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