nc 4 aug 2007 003

Dory on her play stand

nc 17-2 oct 2007 007

Sweetie likes water


Dec 2 001

Arabella gets an under-the-wing kiss


Baby steps up. Kathy calls him Malocchio (evil eye) because his eyes pinnate, but he’s my sweetie.

Baby clip

Baby somersaults on my desk lamp.

Today David and I will haul one of the parrot cages outside for fall cleaning.  We change the papers in the trays every night, and wipe the cages down. Twice yearly we take the cages outside for a power wash. Mostly the debris we remove is not bird poop, but food particles.  One of my parrots is a messy boy.

Yes, I am in love with my parrots.  Fortunately, my husband David is very understanding and helpful. He says he’s “glad he is able to help.”  He secretly loves the parrots also.

Arabella 010


Yes, the parrots fly loose at least once per day. Yes they drop a little poop, but never fear, their poop won’t harm us.  My parrots are healthy and see their vet on a regular basis.  Plus, their poop is pathogen free for humans, unlike some wild birds that carry West Nile, my birds don’t go outside. Because they are not mammals, they don’t carry E coli and other human pathogens. Cat poop is far more dangerous.

I’ve lived with parrots for fifteen years.


Lately, I’ve been reading a lot.  TV is mostly a dead zone and we don’t attend movies any more.  We never watch commercial TV except for some evening news.  Mostly I get my news from the BBC, public television or radio. Even then I catch the odd error. Most political issues are really very complex.

David and I spend much time discussing politics. Fortunately we agree on most issues. He says there is nothing political we disagree about, unlike our children many of whom disagree with us about many things. Some days it feels like its us against the world.

Actually, one of my children is very wise about politics but he thinks I look at too much news. I think he looks at too much football.


Currently, I’m reading E. J. Dionne’s How the Right Went Wrong. Dionne, a Liberal, writes an opinion piece for the Washington Post. I think this book is quite good, not because it’s partisan, but because it is a thorough examination of US politics since Eisenhower.

I’ve read Anne Coulter and Ayn Rand. I don’t like political diatribes. Like Charles Krautheimer’s autobiography, Things That Matter, this book is helping me gain clarity about politics and parties.

Hillary Clinton was a Goldwater girl.  My Dad liked and voted for Goldwater then voted for McGovern. Charles Krautheimer and Ronald Reagan were Democrats who became conservative Republicans. I am interested in why and how people change their politics. Dionne gives his take on the changes in the Republican and Democrat parties since the Eisenhower years.

If nothing else, I will come away from this book with a better understanding of the reason we need both political parties and why I sometimes feel I don’t fit anywhere.


20 thoughts on “Today

  1. Your parrots sound interesting with different personalities. Have not been around parrots, but years ago saw a room quite destroyed — window sills, other wood trims, etc. — in a rental house where someone had pet parrots. Don’t know the particulars.

    Definitely agree we need two political parties so extreme elements and ideas don’t run rampant. But the past 12 years, especially, rigidity toward reason has prevailed to the detriment of our nation. You described it well:
    “The biggest problem is that the left wants everything NOW while too many members on the right are stuck in the morality of the fifties,the racial composition of the 1940s and the economics of the 1890s.”

    Meanwhile many of the populace seem willing this election to mindlessly seek governance from a man who epitomizes everything counter to their professed beliefs in the name of ..???

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    • I have read very wealthy donors and religious Luddites are behind much of the agenda on the right. Yes, Dems have their wealthy supporters like Soros, but wealthy is a relative term. Adelman and the Koch brothers can’t be touched.

      As for the tripartite description, its Dionne’s. I highly recommend his book. Great political history, ‘Ike to the Tea Party’.


    • David likes them too. I have a tin ear, so don’t enjoy classical music as much. Besides, I am a political junkie.

      Ever since I worked in JFK’s campaign, I’ve been hooked. Worked in Shirley Chisholm’ campaign, on The Hill, and for federal government agencies. Always give $$ to Dems up and down the ballot..DNC, Senate races, Hillary, etc. you’ll never meet a bigger political junkie than me!


  2. Your parrots are a delight. Parrots are smart birds and affectionate, too,if you treat them right, as you obviously do.
    I’m glad I voted. Our ballot wasn’t too complex this time. I’m not crazy about my congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard, who was an early and fervent Sanders supporter, but she is a good legislator and advocate for our constituency, and It’s not just about me and what I want, after all. .

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  3. Your birds are so sweet and just beautiful!
    I’m looking forward to reading How the Right Went Wrong.
    Joe and I have greatly decreased our political conversations, not because we disagree, but because we are just sick of it. We’ve voted and are happy with our choice and now we are just ready for it to be over. I am telling people that I have political bulemia. LOL,,

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  4. I think changes in the brain, such as dementia, lead too more conservative thinking. I may be losing hunks of my brain, but I am not falling into Alzheimer’s yet.


    • Dionne thinks of ‘real’ conservatives as following Edmund Burke’s proscription to accept change as inevitable and approach it with deliberation. He says Eisenhower was this style president. An example would be the integration of the Armed Forces when Jim Crow was rampant.

      The problem today is that members of both parties left and right don’t do this. Extremism on either side never works. It’s the old evolution vs Revolution argument.

      The biggest problem is that the left wants everything NOW while too many members on the right are stuck in the morality of the fifties,the racial composition of the 1940s and the economics of the 1890s.


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