Home again

My favorite place in San Diego is the Botanical Garden.  Being an Easterner, I feel dismayed by huge swaths of the US that are so dry. The Botanical Garden is truly a green place, a paradise in the midst of dryness.

 Botanical Gardens were a creation (in Europe) associated with the Renaissance..think of Bacon and his ‘Jewel House’…and an attempt to recreate the Garden of Eden by bringing all the plants of the world together again. In the sixteenth century, the “scientists”in England and Italy…particularly the Jesuits, were struck by the wonders of the world Europeans were discovering. They believed after the creation of the world, everything in Eden had been scattered at the fall. Later, some of them became more scholarly and the discipline of botany emerged. Botanical Gardens today reflect this history, although most, like the San Diego garden are dedicated to displaying local flora.


The history of botany and gardens is my favorite. I even wrote a couple of papers and articles on the topic for Wikipedia as a class assignment.

Among other books, I read The Soil Will Save Us by journalist Kristin Ohlson, on my long arduous flight across the US back to my own garden. Thus I am in a botanical mood.

I will write more later, and visit friends this week, but am in agony today from a couple of falls I sustained on my trip. The second was especially hard.  Seems I am better off staying home on familiar surfaces, although it was good to see the kids.

Note, I did not fall when I was near plants! And I can hold a book.

30 thoughts on “Home again

  1. I thought I made it clear last time you engaged in fancy footwork you were to stay on your feet??? Some people just don’t follow instructions. Please do so in the future as there are more important ways to spend your time.

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  2. I am very sorry to hear of your falls Dianne. Hope everything heels quickly, speedy recovery!
    I loved the gardens in San Diego. Is this Balboa Park or did I miss something the last time I was there? I always loved walking around Balboa and I also enjoyed the botanical garden in Encinitas. Welcome home!

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  3. Sorry to hear about your falls. Delighted to see your photos. And I am intrigued by your reading matter. Glad to see you back safely.


  4. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I volunteer one day a week at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. It’s a place of peace and tranquility and, of course, great beauty. However, unlike you, I am not a gardener myself. That’s Patty’s bailiwick.


  5. I’m so sorry about your falls. I go barefoot whenever possible, because the direct contact of my feet with the floor helps me keep my balance. As a yoga teacher told me once, balance is in the foot. My husband took a really bad fall about a month ago at my daughter’s house, that he is still recovering from, because he was in stocking feet..
    And botanical gardens are my favorite places. Have you been to the ones in Santa Cruz and Berkeley? Both superb.

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  6. Ohhh… I just read your friend’s post and your reply. I fell last August and broke my right shoulder. The break was right at the top of the joint. I have Fibromyalgia, so the Orthopedic surgeon decided he didn’t want to operate unless the break didn’t heal. It healed, but even with p.t., I have lost full extension behind me in that arm. But I’m pain free, finally. I do hope your arm/shoulder gets better. Feeling for you ….

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  7. Lovely photos of those plants. My husband had a bone density test last week, which included measurement of height as well as low dose X-rays with a machine that hovered over his torso and scanned his spine and hips. Diagnosis: Osteopenia. He has been prescribed medication that he plans to buy today at the pharmacy.
    Thank goodness, my own bone density is normal and I don’t have to take meds for it.

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    • When I fell, I landed on my right arm. As I told the kids I’m not worried about a torn rotator cuff. I already have one. I also have pulled tendons and muscles. I have excellent bones and do not think anything is broken. Of course David walked on a broken hip for three days until he couldn’t walk anymore. He does have osteopenia.


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