A well deserved respite

Finished Rightful Heritage: The Renewal of America by Douglas Brinkley, the story of Roosevelt and the conservation movement. An excellent book I highly recommend to all interested in saving what remains of the natural world. Of interest to me was Roosevelt’s dream of making conservation a worldwide effort. Part of his dream was instituted in the United Nations, established after WWII. Roosevelt died in 1944, but Truman appointed Eleanor Roosevelt the United States representative to the UN.

 They were wonderful people and certainly a blessing in a grief-stricken world.

I’ve been reading the Inspector Gamach mysteries by Louise Penny, but plan to reread, A World Made New:  Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by Mary Ann Glendon, next. I read this book as part of my graduate studies, but gave it less attention than I would have liked owing to scheduling conflicts.


After today my blog will be silent for about two weeks as I travel to California for my semiannual visit with my oldest son and his family. Taking a break from her grandmother duties, daughter Connie plans to join me for part of my trip. Saturday, while the rest of the family attends a soccer game, I will have lunch and a museum visit with Mage over at Postcards.

Meanwhile back here in VA David and the dogs will hold down the fort with help from daughter Julie and neighbors.  I will probably pet every dog I meet in CA, just as I did on other trips. Dog owners understand this.


26 thoughts on “A well deserved respite

  1. Welcome to California, again — sounds like you’re having a great time. Appreciate you must have brought the rain we actually received the other night, but we do want more. My reading group this month read Gloryland by Yosemite’s Park Ranger Shelton Johnson — poetic beauty of nature and the park for this Buffalo Soldier and how he found true freedom.


  2. Will your daughter drive you up to Balboa Park? Maybe she would like to do the Prado and the Mingei with us. If so, I will go up to the park with G and meet you at noon with reservations.


  3. Popped in to say enjoy your trip to SD – another one wishing to be mentioned to Mage. We didn’t get the chance to meet in April 😦
    I’m sure with all that halp David will be fine – bet he will enjoy yhe break as much as you do 🙂

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  4. I’ve added Rightful Heritage to my GoodReads Want to Read List. I love FDR but was not aware of his conservation actions. Thank you for the recommendation.
    We just came home from a week in beautiful Virginia where we went to Mount Vernon, Monticello, and Montpelier. Then we came home to the Donald Trump debacle. What a contrast in character.
    Hope you have a good trip to California.

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