A greener world

Having discovered the United Airlines mileage program will allow me to purchase a carbon offset with earned miles, Wednesday morning, I attempted to purchase said offset against my upcoming trip. However, I had all sorts of difficulty, gave up in frustration, but will try again today.

Our Dominion electric supplier offers a similar carbon offset which I can include in my electric bill.

Thus the private sector (in some parts of the US) is moving toward a greener environment faster than the federal government, not because the private sector is more virtuous, but because public opinion and the EPA are pushing change.


John finished his handyman work (David’s shower looks like new and John replaced the drain pipe outside David crushed when he fell) and left for neighbor Kathy’s house to repair her washing machine hoses. Next he was off to neighbor Helene’s to repair her back porch.

John is 69, almost 70. When he retired from his government job as an engineer, he established a business as a handyman.  He also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and Hillary’s campaign. He is the personal handyman for all us older women in our aging-in-place neighborhood.


Yesterday, after David and I left the neighborhood pub where we had lunch, we drove by a very old house about six blocks from our home I have long wanted to photograph.

The significance of this antebellum home is that my SIL’s great-grandfather once owned it.  During the Civil War, after the First battle of Manassas (Bull Run) it was seized and used as a field hospital by the Union Army. Today Arlington County uses it as a halfway house for special needs kids.

Have you watched Mercy Street on PBS?  The setting for that story is one of the houses seized during the Civil War and used as a field hospital by the Union Army and still standing in Alexandria VA. Today, the building is occupied by lawyers including handyman John’s daughter who met the cast.

During the Civil War, Arlington and a part of Alexandria lay inside the boundary stones that delineated Washington DC. Before the American Revolution, all the land south of the Potomac comprising these places and Fairfax county was part of Lord Fairfax’s plantation. Fairfax chose the wrong side in that war and the land reverted to others.

Addenda:  Some polls suggest that Mike Pence won the debate.  Tim Kaine our normally mild mannered if boring Senator looked like a crazed energizer bunny on Mountin Dew while Pence was cool and collected.  David and I being political junkies watched the whole thing til the bitter end.

Cool and collected and suggesting on one hand that women who have abortions should be punished, maybe even the death penalty, and on the other hand that “women are for entertainment” is not my idea of a “winning” ticket, I don’t care how suave the candidate.


15 thoughts on “A greener world

      • My husband is just now beginning to accept help from our grown sons. He’s always been very capable and too particular about how things are done to be able to accept help from others. Anymore, he’s come to realize letting someone else help isn’t all that bad. I want to hire some things done around the house, but he won’t hear of it. Kudos to your husband for being a very smart man!


  1. Didn’t watch the debate, but I’m sure it would not have changed my mind about who to vote for. Did Pence really say women were for entertainment? That really is an awful thing to say.

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    • Trump told radio shock jock Howard Stern “women were for entertainment” but it hit the news today. (Heard this on ‘Morning Joe’)

      Pence would not refute Trump’s comment about women being “punished” for having an abortion. Even though many of us saw the comment on TV.
      Conclusion: a terrible ticket.

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  2. What a great history that house has, and it’s in the neighbourhood. I have seen Mercy Street on PBS. Loved it!

    How great to have a worker available to assist with repairs when needed. It is hard to get someone reliable and trustworthy.


  3. Glad your house’s water works are recovering. How is David doing? Have you got someone to check on him while you are out here. Yes, all the polls out here gave it to Mr. Calm, but we aren’t voting Republican. Beautiful house.

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