A chill in the air


It seems to have rained every day this week, but we were busy with this and that and went about our tasks and hardly noticed.  The change in the weather led me to pull the summer topper off the bed for the cleaner and bring out the cozy duvet. I also pulled out my warmer shirts and cord slacks.

Alas, the blue jeans I finally fit again this year are folded and stacked for next year when hopefully they still fit. I do love blue jeans having worn them all my life.

Everytime I have gone to the hospital, they tell me to bring “sweats” but I don’t and won’t own them. In fact, I hate them. Thank goodness Land’s End began making jeans with stretchy tops.

The garden is very sad now, the mums and Joe Pye Weed beaten into the ground. The migratory birds don’t mind as they pass through on their way to wherever they spend winter.

As the globe warms more and more species are deciding to overwinter in our area which makes the late fall, winter, and early spring, fun times to bird watch as we have both the year-round residents and the migratory birds.

I learned recently that the Canada Geese have evolved into two distinct groups, 1/ the migratory birds that fly from the north and form the V as they fly by, and 2/ the local resident “drop a pound of poop a day where you want to walk” kind.


Friday our house felt like Grand Central station in New York City with people coming and going: Julie taking David grocery shopping and returning and unloading bags from the car; John working on David’s bathroom and disassembling the very heavy treadmill, in and out with tools and parts. The dogs barked themselves silly.

Next week will be busy as John continues his repairs and David’s twin grandsons, graduated from college and setting up their own apartments, retrieve some of the unused furniture. David’s room had begun to look like a used furniture store. The good news is he is not weeping as stuff is hauled off.

John told me his MIL, who recently died had willed a dainty old secretary to his wife Phoebe.  Somehow they transported the fragile thing from San Francisco.


My dermatologist found and biopsied another iffy growth on my back, very near the scar from the melanoma excised last year.  Next, I visited my GP who was very kind after he learned my results from Dr. W.

Earlier, he had his nurse weigh me, and I told her I was going to start calling him Dr. Trump because he was obsessed with weight. However, he didn’t mention weight once ( I had lost 2 pounds, but he wants 20 more).

Instead, after he told me I had low iron, he looked up iron-rich foods using his new Samsung Iphone.  The good news was that my HDL was higher and my LDL lower since the last visit.  I’ve now been off Lipator for six months and my cholesterol reading is better than ever.  I told him months/years ago I didn’t need the stuff.  The stroke I had was caused by stress, pure and simple.

All in all a good week.




14 thoughts on “A chill in the air

  1. We’ve had some enjoyable cooler days in the 70’s, but we’re headed back up into the 90’s in the next day or so. Enjoy fall!
    Good for you! I had side effects from Lipitor I thought shouldn’t be allowed to continue and a colleague had serious permanent ones, so years ago I declined to continue with the medication, but I know many others for whom the med is effective. I got some med appointments out of the way, too, so we must be on a similar schedule, or maybe at our age we’re all on the same schedule with all sorts of checkups, treatments and follow-ups that seem to be spread out over the whole year long.

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    • Med appointments too many, too often. Cleared my calendar for my trip west. Flying out next week after the hurricane passes. Hope CA weather is bettter then. Its stunning here now. We will escape the worst effects of Matthew, but the coast will be hit hard. I hate to leave when the weather is exquisite, however, I want to see my kids.


  2. Good for you and your cholesterol readings …..that is good news. Bill takes Lipitor — i’m ok with that but it is my BP that gives me grief. i seem to get all the possible side effects from every medicine i try except one — the most expensive one of course.

    it is good that your Drs are cooperative with your efforts and with each other.

    Re. the geese — the #2 kind gave us all kinds of grief when we lived out at the Lake. Still it was pretty to watch them with their babies (until you realized how much poo they would eventually add to where you had to walk).


    • I have HBP issues and take three med: Beta Blocker, Calcium Channel blocker and ACE Inhibitor. All make me dizzy, so I take most before bedtime. All are genteric after 10 years. Still the Pharmacos get their cut.


  3. Good for you and your two pounds, slow and steady does it. I think it stays off better that way. Sorry you needed another biopsy. Hope you have good news and soon. All those spots and bumps our bodies like to make as we age are a pain in many ways.

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  4. It’s interesting how doctors are encouraging patients to join in more with their ongoing ailments and tests. It is easier to think of losing weight when you are already busy doing just that. Well done! And well done for getting through such a busy time. Blessings


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