More exciting times…

Saturday evening, daughter Connie and Bill took us out for supper at a local family owned Thai restaurant up the street. Being Saturday night, the place was quite busy, but being “regulars” I had called ahead. They knew we were coming and one of the boys guided us into a parking place that was easy to leave when the meal ended.

We have many birthdays this month and were celebrating both David’s and Connie’s special days.  David also thought it was his AA anniversary, so Bill presented him with a chip for 37 years of sobriety. David cannot remember exactly when he stopped drinking because he was in three different hospitals before he got sober.  We’re just happy he got sober. The moral of his story is never give up.


Granddaughter Hannah had a special weekend, cooking for Willie Nelson and his band Saturday night.  Apparently, Willie and the band were performing in Gainesville and the whole family met Willie.  Connie was more excited about Willie than seeing David and me!


This weekend I read Girl on a Train to see what the fuss was all about.  The book has been on the best seller list for some time, and I had read Reese Witherspoon was making a film based on the book, which peaked my interest.

Although the film may be okay, I hated the book which is deconstructed, told by three young women, and appears to be written for a much younger crowd. I also hated it because I never really fit into the drinking and sleeping with the neighbor’s husband group.

I’ve been “very serious” all my life, some would say.

Oh well, we are what we are and I am an older child whose childhood ended about age five. These days, I prefer older women like DCI Vera Standish, in mysteries.  Sometimes, I like male detectives, like Wallander a lot. I suppose I can reread all the Miss Marple mysteries as my memory fades? That’s what Connie’s MIL Francis, age 103, does.

Image in header:  Appalacian Mountains near Blacksburg VA.  Granddaughter Joy took the photo while hiking!

28 thoughts on “More exciting times…

  1. I loved Wallander and have enjoyed Endeavor. Thank you for reminding me of Agatha Christie. I haven’t read her books in such a long time. I just put it on the library Hold list for my Kindle.


  2. I love Hattie’s comment.
    Try Mayor. I find his story telling pretty darned good tho at times poetically long winded. Worth the read.
    He was 36 to 38 when we were out there and under 30 twelve years ago. He may have more than 40 now.


    • Reminds me of theNorfolk VA cheerleaders chant:

      We don’t smoke
      And we don’t chew,
      And we don’t go with boys who do,
      Norfolk, Norfolk, Norfolk.

      Of course this cheer only works if you know how Norfolk is pronounced in VA.


  3. A friend I’m with was expressing her negative reactions to a lot of the popular “feminist” fiction of today. I haven’t read much of it myself. But I am amused when I think back to what she was up to when she was young that she now has become such a moralist!

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    • I wasn’t a Baby Boomer so I wasn’t up to anything. I didn’t drink or smoke, get tattooed, or use drugs or have sex with various young men. I wasn’t at Woodstock either. Through the 1960s, I was married to a US Marine.

      I became a feminist in the 1970s. Although I had a BF after my divorce, I never attended a ‘happy hour’ or had promiscuous sex. I was busy with children, work and school.

      Nothing the matter with morality, depending on what it is and how it’s applied. If your friend sits in judgement of you, she has issues.


  4. I read once that if you were marooned on a desert island and only had one book you should hope it was an Agatha Christie mystery because nobody ever remembers the ending — so you could happily read it over and over. I hated ‘Girl On the Train’ too — same reasons as you…..

    Exciting “gig’ for your granddaughter and you can’t blame your daughter for being more excited to meet Willie … that’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime event and — you know — mothers are always there ;>)…… The baby is adorable in his matching headgear.

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  5. Oh yes, love all the British crime shows! Also Endeavor, Inspector Lewis, Midsommer Murders, Foyles War, Scott and Bailey and one of the best, Shetland, and love love The Bletchley Circle…far superior to any American TV. I have Netflix but thought of subscribing to Acorn….all British. I’m serious natured too and I think it means we have more depth.😊😊

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    • Lewis is gone. Endeavor maybe around for a few more episodes. Apparently,the author of the series put a caveat in the last contract that ends the series. Scott andBailey may not return. Foyle’s War is in reruns. Wallender is over. All too sad.


      • Hinterland also was good…remember Sherlock Holmes with Jerremy Britt? And of course, Piorot! so sad these excellent series end and we are stuck with reruns or American TV, which is all about action, special effects, overdone sex and everyone is beautiful.

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      • I think you have nailed it. I like the lead actor in Hinterland. He was also in Lark Rise to Candle Ford. BBC spent more money on these series back in the day. Like Public Television in the States, they suffer from budget cuts. Consequently culture is in a downward spiral.


  6. Love Thai food. I read “The Girl on the Train.” Kept wondering how the train girl was still alive. I did finish it. Won’t see the film. I’m still waiting for another Kate Shugak. Louise Penny’s newest is out “A Great Reckoning.” Love her books and follow her on FB. Sadly her husband died yesterday. He had been ill for a long time and was traveling with her on her book tour. He had dementia and her story of this last journey together was loving and heartbreaking.


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