Bumper sticker:  Not Trump/Don’t Know/Leave me alone

I’m thinking of finding and giving this bumper sticker to several of our kids. I use the term loosely because “our kids” are all in their fifties. 

Being kindly kids they tolerate their parent’s (read Mom’s) political leanings which have been all over the place for most of their lives.

Dad David or Pop has been a Democrat all his life, but has voted for the odd Republican.  He says he has been a Dem because his own dad was president of his union and a both he and his dad were Southern boys from NC where you voted for the Dem if the devil was on the ticket.

David worked in Hillary’s, then McCain’s campaign in 2008.  Neither of us liked Obama because we knew he was an inexperienced fellow which certainly turned out to be the case.

We like Obama better these days, although we still think he’s made some dreadful mistakes while “learning on the job.” And no thanks to those recalcitrant and extremely uncooperative Republicans in Congress. Perhaps not acting in Syria sooner, mostly because some Liberals still have a hangover from Vietnam, was Obama’s biggest mistake.

The problem of course is that every single president we’ve had has made at least one dreadful mistake, even the vaunted Reagan.  That some of them leave a positive legacy is truly miraculous. Many don’t.


Poor old Hillary.  Every time she puts her foot in her mouth it seems to send the media into spasms. The latest is her “deplorable.”

Brit Hume and other reporters have said that when you tell the truth in Washington, it becomes a slip.

Often, but not always,  the better educated (i.e. received a formal education) and wealthier, think they are superior to those on the right.  This attitude irritates me no end, and smacks of the old Puritan belief in “the elect”, although, I have sometimes held that opinion myself, particularly towards a former BIL.

However, having held right-wing opinions at certain times in my life as during the Vietnam and Iraq wars, I believe I can understand both sides.

First of all, being religious and liking guns does not mean you are racist, bigoted or ignorant.  They don’t go hand in hand. My daughter is a crack shot, has a conceal carry license, is very religious, belongs to the NRA, and with two master’s degrees is very educated.

I’ve known very religious African-Americans who eschewed all violence and voted Republican. I’ve known religious African Americans who voted for Bush then Obama.  And there are plenty of non-religious types carrying guns and killing people.

Okay, I’m tired of this post. If you want to be better informed about others, read

1/ Listen Liberal, or what ever happened to the Party of the People, by Frank Thomas, or

2/ White Trash: The four hundred year history of class in America by Nancy Isenberg.

As for me, I’m reading Madeline Albright’s Memoire, Madam Secretary and reminding myself that foreign policy is damn hard work. Perhaps we need a Bitch in the White House?

20 thoughts on “For-get-me-not

  1. I reject stereotyping and labels applied to individuals rather than considering each person’s point of view on subjects. Too often conclusions are reached about what another person believes based on erroneous assumptions.

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    • Reminds me of the time I traveled to WVA to take a tour of the areas my company served. The fellow who met me told me later he saw me get out of my car and thought to himself, “There’s a prim city slicker.” I looked sharp, probably a lot like Hillary in those days. He was an older guy and the son of a coal miner/preacher. He took me into the coal mining areas and showed me how the poor whites in Appalachia lived in those days (the 1980s). I was shocked by much of what I saw, but because my dad had taken me on trips with him as he traveled all over the region, I already had some idea of how bad it was, and I was quite empathetic.

      EK and I had birthdays in the same month and over the years, we became great friends. Some day I will write a post about him.


  2. I have a son who is an avid watcher. His theory is that Trump doesn’t want to win. Being the con artist that he is he will reap many more benefits if he loses and then spends his time criticizing all that is done for the next 4 years. If he wins and can’t live up to his “pie in the sky” promises it could hurt him business-wise. I think Matt has it right.


  3. I’m with her (whether you call her by name or call her the B word)…. if you think Obama was inexperienced in government, what do you think will happen if she does not win. i can’t bear to think of it..

    I think she’s quite capable of the job too — and I don’t feel like I’m merely voting for the lesser of two evils.


    • I was taught to embrace the B word.

      Obama was correct when he said Hillary was more qualified to be president than anyone ever. I think that is why so many stupid men and some women are after her.

      I agree she is not the lesser of two evils. I’ve looked into this subject thoroughly,and as far as any wrongdoing, “there is no there there”, as the kids say. The so-called “trust” issue is media spawned.


    • I love Hillary and have for a very long time. She is definitely experienced in foreign affairs and diplomacy. And she’s a hawk when she needs to be. Frankly, I can’t say enough positive things about her. If elected, she will be a great president. Plus I want to see what Bill does as the presidents spouse.


    • Ha ha. Isenberg is a historian. Other critics haven’t liked her book either. Nevertheless I did.

      As for politics, a Hillary volunteer called me today to work in Hillary’s campaign. I told her I didn’t have the energy, but congratulated her for her effort. She was a young woman taking a semester off from college. I told her good for you. The future belongs to you.


    • Because she is intelligent, she cancelled her trip to CA so as to heal from the bacterial pneumonia she contracted from someone. Following doctors orders, she will be fine as any intelligent person knows. Recall Reagan had a cancerous polyp and survived to develope Alzheimer’s. Kennedy had Addison’s disease. FDR had polio. Now we learn about Churchill’s stroke. Yes, the kerfuffle over her health is a distraction and sexist!


    • Yes, he signed it, however the Congress under Tip Oneil (D-MA), got the legislation to Reagan’s desk.

      Reagan also ran up the national debt. His “voodoo” economics sent us into the debt highs we have today. Even his budget guy David Stockman, with whom I worked at one time, protested these cuts. For this Stockman was ‘sent to the woodshed’ as they said at the time.


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