A Saturday ramble

A big box of paper towels arrived from Amazon this morning and I told David Happy Birthday! He laughed. We also received a message in the mail from Jason Cooljar, one of the kids working for the Democrat Party in our precinct.

Typically, our county produces a solid vote for the Democrats and in some years, Arlington produces a massive vote.  Many of my neighbors work for the federal, state or county government, as David and I did before we retired.

The Arlington adult population is super educated, half of them lawyers or holding an advanced degree. Many of the lawyers work for the Administration or Congress or elsewhere in government. The rest of us are writers and reporters, technicians who work for Eurovision or another media outlet, members of the military, statisticians and archivists, or work in law enforcement.

At least two of my neighbors work for Homeland Defense, one for the FBI, the other in the Sex Trafficking Division. One of my neighbors worked for the National Archives before she retired, another was a flight attendant with United Airlines. Both volunteer at the local library. Several of our neighbors are artists.

We have a very mixed race population, including a huge number of immigrants.  Over forty languages are spoken in the local schools. Nearby places of worship include churches, a synagogue, temple and mosque.


I’ve been reading, first several mysteries, then back to books on political history. Currently, I’m reading Madeline Albright’s memoire Madam Secretary and Defenseless Under the Night, Matthew Dallek’s recounting of the origins of Homeland Defense under FDR. Both are excellent.

I’m thinking about Homeland Defense a lot this week as the anniversary of 9-11 is tomorrow. Arlington, you might recall had a horrific experience, just up the street.

David and I remember it vividly. From his office window, he saw the plane hit the Pentagon. My agency went into lockdown.

We could see the smoke from the crash site from our back yard. Neither of us feels this is an excuse for xenophobia.  Our nation is safer now than ever and we don’t need a fascist leader.

As FDR said, ‘We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.’


8 thoughts on “A Saturday ramble

  1. 9/11 seems so long ago and the world has changed since. We need calm, thoughtful, brave leadership and to have confidence in our leaders. Easier to say than to do.


    • I don’t know what kind of money my neighbors make.

      Because it’s located in the less expensive part of Arlington, our neighborhood was the site of homes for single “government girls” during WWII when the federal government built housing for the less-well-off. Many of the occupants are the daughters of older women who purchased homes then. Others are widows. Today, the land is quite valuable because we are 10 minutes from downtown Washington DC.

      However, the land was once part of the Lee estate and settled by”contrabands” during and after the Civil War. Many descendants of these African-American still live here.Others, like my neighbor Eddie from New York, have moved here more recently.

      Claritas, a data company once characterized this neighborhood as Bohemian because its of its “artsy-fartsy” nature. As wealthier folks move in and tear down the older homes to build Mcmansions, the character of the neighborhood is changing.


  2. A horrific day indeed. We had to pick a relative up from the train station and passed the Pentagon on the freeway. Looking down at that gaping, blackened hole in the side of the building left us feeling ill and horrified. We knew many who were directly affected that day. I can only imagine what they will be feeling on the anniversary. As for the upcoming presidential election, we live in a predominantly Republican neighborhood. Normally there are political signs on the front lawns already, but there are none to be seen.


  3. Listening to the poll results can be frightening for those of us outside the U.S. i hope the Democrats prevail but it appears to be a toss-up now. I think the media lets Trump away with too much. It looks like his attacks on the media have worked to make them back off him. He can utter lie after lie and get away with it.

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    • Trump is truly a sociopathic liar. The other day, I watched a 13 minute video of him lying. Amazing. Matt Lauer’s performance the other night was sexist and despicable.

      Never give up hope.

      Trump has a core of badly informed supporters who haven’t shifted, sadly. The movement has been with the Libertarian.

      I dispair of my step-daughter who parrots trump’s parody of Hillary, and those insane AltRight types in Congress who now want to impeach James Comey, the head of the FBI.

      The Left has its nut-cases too, but little power at present.


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