David’s daughter Julie came by Friday to take David out on his errands, among them mailing our 2015 tax payment. The weather nice, they sat out back and chatted for a while.

David celebrates his 87th birthday this week and Julie is bringing us dinner, probably mac and cheese and a waldorf salad. I asked David what he wanted for his birthday and he said “Peace on Earth.” Or, alternatevely a key lime pie.


We’ve had beautiful weather over the weekend because Hermine (the storm) off the coast made it very nice closer to the mountains where we are. It has been so nice, we are once again able to walk the dogs.  Although the fall equinox is only a few weeks away, the weather that bothers all of us and makes the hot pavement hard on little paws returns next week

Daughter Connie reported flooding in their basement, not from the storm but a broken pipe. She said they were up late hauling art supplies and clothes out of Hannah’s room to the upstairs.

Meanwhile my sister reports her oldest boy moved home with her in Baton Rouge after his home further south in Louisiana was flooded.

For a change, this summer, we are not plagued with leaks and such.




Wednesday of this week is the 45th anniversary of my mother’s death, at age 55. I was 28. Later this month Connie will be age 55 and Hannah will be 28.  Looking back now I think Mom and I were both pretty darn young. Goodness life certainly flies by.

Connie communion-x

Connie, First Communion, Honolulu Hawaii, 1968

Connie came by last weekend and we searched through file drawers and boxes for documents she wanted. We couldn’t find them in my study, so she wanted to go in the attic. I wouldn’t let her because I know nothing is up there, only old furniture and junk David has had in boxes for 40 years.

After Connie left, I managed to find a photo she wanted in one of my “boxes of precious things” in an armoire. Searching through momentos, old letters and photos and made me sad, nostalgic or whatever, and why I seldom do it.

Connie says she talked with the office of the Catholic Diocese of the Military (?) and they helped her locate some of her documents.

Connie is driving to her brother John’s home in Southside Virginia this Sunday.  John has all sorts of photos and other stuff he saved.

24 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. There are so many things I would like to ask my Mother. Still, she needs to rest in peace I guess. Enjoy the hot weather while it’s with you. The trees have started to turn golden already here.


  2. I’m glad your Louisiana family is safe at least. Hope the hurricane season is over, but probably not. … It’s only going to get worse I fear. Happy Birthday to David the key Lyle pie is a much surer bet. Your mother died way too young…. I’m sure there were things you would have loved to ask her, especially when your kids were growing up.

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  3. Nice post and tribute to your mother. My dad died at 44 (I was 19). It’s so difficult when a parent dies in the prime of their life. Still laughing at your comment about what David wants for his birthday “Peace on Earth…..or a piece of key lime pie.” I’d go with the pie, David, there’s a much better chance of getting that. We got a lot of fallen tree limbs from Hermoine, but no damage to the house, thankfully. Finally have yard cleaned up and piled out in the front ready for the city to pick up.

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  4. Happy birthday week to David!

    Your Mom was young indeed! Seeing your daughter and granddaughter now at the same ages are sad reminders of how much life you and your Mom missed together. However, you have done so much to ensure that the family heritage is available to the generations to come. In that way, they will know your Mom too.

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