Exciting times?

Every day is a mixed bag…

1/ First some earnest kid (clown?), came to the front door, which David answered.  Apparently, the kid was canvassing the neighborhood and suggested I had not registered to vote.  Rather than call me to the door, David decided to handle it himself.

Although I have lived in Arlington for decades and at this address for 35 years, like many women, I have had several names over my lifetime (the same one for 51 years???). However, Virginia has a new “Voter ID law” and I suppose I look suspicious.

David got huffy, and told the poor kid (who shared no ID himself) my name, and he went away.  At least that’s what David told me. I didn’t say anything then, but suggested later that if anyone asks about me EVER, call me to the door, don’t try to handle it yourself.

I called my friend Sue who works for Homeland Defense as well as the County Election Board and she said “Don’t worry about it.  You have a Voter ID and there won’t be any problem,” and then ” I wonder if it’s some kind of scam?”

2/ Today each of us (we file jointly) received another notice from the IRS for nonpayment of taxes. It’s not true of course, but I called David’s daughter whose husband is very clever about anything involving the IRS said they will come over tomorrow to look at the papers.

3/ This morning, I received the good news from granddaughter Joy that she landed a job she wanted in New England with a dairy farm, and she’s moving away from Virginia. However a few minutes later her mom sent a message saying Joy has a court date soon, so pray for her.

Seems some lager lad got in Joy’s face and she pushed him away. When he heard this, David cracked up laughing because Joy is a very small gal, however, she handles cows for a living, so the boy was quite offended.  He’s taking Joy to court claiming he was abused.

Joy’s lawyer says the whole thing is laughable and will probably be thrown out of court, but the kid has connections (wealthy, influential father), so Joy’s mom is concerned.

On a cheery note, Grandson Sean is 12 today.  Dad sent the photo below of him holding his gift card from David and me. Connie and I will visit all of them in October.

  • IMG_1016

16 thoughts on “Exciting times?

  1. Haven’t encountered any voter I.D. issues & hope I don’t. Your IRS issues i wouldn’t wecome either, as mine are more the routine scam variety. Glad you watch out for people coming to door scams as know they can be concern but not an issue for me so far.

    Door to door people in our city have to carry a city license which I insist on being shown & don’t accept, “My mgr. has it.” Then I promptly phone non-emergency police number, give them a description, which way they’re headed which we’re encouraged to do by our police dept. I have our city “no knock & no solicitation” sticker in window but few pay attention. So far, I’m also on some sort of cycle of phone IRS scam that has escalated to them threatening police coming for me – 5 calls last week. Has been going on for 2 or 3 yrs several times a year. Dtr in VA says she gets these calls, too, in cycles. Mine were live in beginning, but all robo calls now. Sometimes I answer then disconnect after they say IRS.& sometimes I just ignore the ring & goes to recording.

    Trust all will go well for your granddtr. Good off duty officer witnessed. Glad she got the job she wanted.


  2. B is going through sheer hell trying to prove her identity to the state of Connecticut. Her crime? She’s been married twice, and the names on her passport and SS card don’t match up exactly with her driver’s license. Wish her luck … and good luck to you in dealing with the IRS.

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    • I have suggested to all my granddaughters, “Keep your birth name.” No point in going all gooey and changing your name to some guy’s name. Only causes problems later on.

      Re the IRS…Ithink it’s just a matter of their disorganization. Too big, too complex. IRS told us to send payment to a specific address then wrote and told us we had not paid. We keep good records…hopefully this will help when David visits the local office next week.


  3. Sometimes when you get pushed, you just have to push back. Our long driveway and recent heat and humidity discourage scammers, but people do ask to pick our breadfruit. I’m glad the avocado is in the back yard, out of view.
    We have very few valuables, and they are mostly in a safe deposit box.

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  4. If he got in her face and she felt threatened she had every right to push him away/defend herself. I will trust the judge to send a strong message to this individual that he should treat people with a little more respect. Cute 12 year old grandson. We often get people knocking on our door. There is a sign at the start of our neighborhood stating that soliciting is not allowed but it is ignored. I guess they have different definitions of soliciting. Political types are coming around more often and leave their party’s patter in a leaflet.

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  5. You go Joy. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. However, try to only stand up to the ones who do not look like they will take you to court. Wussey guy. I’d be ashamed if I were him. And, congrats on the new job Joy.

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  6. Someone at the door for some reason could be a scam today. It is a sad that we have to be wary of everything but that’s the way it is!

    I hope it turns out well for Joy. It is a difficult world for women even though it’s 2016.

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