Misc. Monday

PT at noon today for my knee. As my clever friend Big Al says, our social life has become a round of medical visits. I won’t moan, however.

I spoke with my “baby” sister yesterday, and she continues to suffer with the fallout from chemo as well as lifelong epilepsy, which has caused her extensive nerve damage.

Michelle is wearing hearing aids because the nerves in her ears are damaged, and braces on her legs so she can walk.  She also has nerve damage in her hands which makes many tasks very difficult. To top it off, she lives in Louisiana, and the flood waters are all around and lapping at the edge of her development.  Thank goodness, her son Wayne lives with her.

Meanwhile, we have damaging heat here and a dearth of rain. If anybody says we humans are not despoiling the planet and global warming is a myth, you can hit them upside the head for me.

Michelle and Di 1947  Myrtle Beach

My sister Michelle and me at Myrtle Beach ,South Carolina in 1947 when we lived there and the ocean was at our front door.

 Meanwhile, over the weekend, I finished Gateway to Freedom: the Hidden History of the Underground Railroad, by historian Eric Foner.  I also finished reading the most recent Masie Dobbs mystery, Journey to Munich last evening. It took me two days to read the history and two years to read the mystery (most of it yesterday).

Actually, I listened to the mystery on my Kindle.  It was just like listening to Mom read a bedtime story. And not as scary as the story of the “three little pigs.” Well, actually it was, mainly because I know a heck of a lot about “Brown Shirts.”

Foner’s book got me down a bit, because the escape from slavery is a true and painful story. Foner is an excellent and “honest-to-God” historian and not a FNS reporter or right-wing hack like some I could name. I’ve lined up two more books by Foner, one on the early Republican Party, to which my father’s ancestors belonged until he shifted to the Democrat Party in 1970, and another book about Lincoln and the Civil War. In September, I will get Foner’s book on Reconstruction. Yes, he’s that great.


20 thoughts on “Misc. Monday

  1. That’s a lovely photo of you and your sister, and I also like your header shot. We saw signs for the Harriet Tubman Underground Railway on our way up through the Eastern Shore two days ago. I thoroughly enjoyed your exchange with Al and always read your post and the comments with great interest. I am a Maisie Dobbs fan and have read several of her books. Would like to read the one on Harriet Tubman.

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    • That is a fabulous drive. Connie dated a fellow student from Kilmarnock when she was at Tech.

      Re Harriet Tubman. I’ve been looking for a good and recent history. Will let you know if I find one. She and Frederick Douglas are mentioned in the Foner book, which you might enjoy. She was most proud of her work as a Union spy. Very brave woman.

      Yes Al is a hoot. David and I met Al and Patty when they lived in Charlottesville. I believe they live near your in-laws now. Al is ex-Navy like Gregg.


  2. I wish i were brave enough to hit a few people i know upside the head because they refuse to recognize the truth. (But i think it wouldn’t even make a dent in their thick heads). Try to stay cool! It is even hot here in the pacific northwest and dry. Sigh.

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  3. Such a cute picture. It is great to finally have time to read and think about your new knowledge. Sometimes it is depressing but other times funny or uplifting. Thank goodness we have freedom to read whatever and as much as we like.

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  4. If you have the time and inclination, I’d recommend taking the online Open Yale Course “The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845 – 1877” with Prof. David Blight. Just google it. I found it both informative and entertaining.


  5. Glad you can afford physical therapy. My David pays $25 per PT visit after Humana HMO pays the rest. Not bad, but it can add up when you see your PT 2-3 times per week for many weeks.


  6. I love the picture of you and your sister. So sweet. It reminds me of my granddaughters today.

    I can’t believe there are people who deny global warming but one replied to my blog one day. I wrote about the danger to our island and this person said that the climate was changing naturally. Such people ignore science, facts mean nothing. I heard someone say the other day that we are in a post factual society where if I believe something, then it is true. There is no room for discussion or learning in that case. Lines are drawn and everyone is right. Incredible arrogance if nothing else!

    Where is it all going?

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    • Post factual? Dumbest thing I’ve heard lately. There are none so blind as he or she who will not see. Yes, low-lying areas are threatened, the Dutch are scared to death. I hope the change is man made. If it is, maybe we can do something about it. If not we are doomed.


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