Hot here

With temperatures reaching 117 degrees in Bagdad, it seems petty to complain about the heat here reaching 100+ degrees.  Its August, so many people are out-of-town because Congress is taking its annual recess. This year is worse because it’s an election year, thus more hot air is being expelled everywhere else.

Troy, the Black fellow who helps me occasionally with odd jobs and yard work, came by for a few hours yesterday morning.  He had an older fellow in his truck he was taking to Goodwill to buy used books.  Troy is clearing the overgrowth from the back yard, slowly, because the heat is too much for him also.  We have poke weed, ‘mile a minute’ vine, unwanted ivy and such. Seems the excess carbon dioxide in the air is giving the vegetation a growth spurt. Is that a good thing?  Not when it turns swimming pools and coastal waterways green with algae.

There’s always something.  Our world is complex and the more our population expands and the more we try to ‘fix’ things the worse they sometimes seem to become. What we need now is rational thinking and cooperation.

I haven’t discovered something new.  Most people feel the same way I do.


Too avoid the heat, I’m busy with indoor things, venturing out early in the morning to do any yard work.

Yesterday we took Johnny and Clare for their regular grooming.  Allen the groomer met us at the curb to take them inside and when we were leaving he escorted us back to the car, and put each dog in his or her car seat.

Because they are Pomeranians with both fur and hair, I keep them clipped short in the summer months. When we got home, the poor dogs could hardly wait to get in the house and flop in their beds.  Clare sleeps with her head hanging over a floor vent and Johnny at the foot of the stairs where cold air rushes down from upstairs. I swear these dogs live better than children in Aleppo.  Would that I could do something about the latter.


Julie is arriving shortly to take David to Trader Joe’s to shop. This afternoon he has his PT.  I’m glad I will be in my house.


Down at the farm: Grandpa Bill shows Lil Chris a baby goat.

22 thoughts on “Hot here

  1. Enjoyed the photos Dianne, sweet picture that last shot with Lil Chris and your pups too. I am down in Virginia Beach. It is hot and steamy down here. I forget how humid it can be, almost tropical.

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  2. Aha – but would you like constant rain, which we have had for the past week? The photo of Lil’ Chris is absolutely gorgeous. How wonderful to see him grow. Blessings from wet Dalamory.

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    • Actually Virginia is a border state, and our area is at the top of the Commonwealth on the Maryland border. Recall the site for Washington DC was selected because it was halfway North and halfway South. Men from all the states north of DC fought for the Union as did men from West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. Arlington, where I live, was part of the original site.


  3. You have my sympathy with your weather. I get up and out early as it’s nice here in the mornings but by afternoon in the 90’s. Supposed to be 100 here tomorrow and it is dry heat. When I lived in Seattle I thought the dry heat thing was a tale but it’s not, it does help. Drink lots of water. Thanks for dropping by my page. My other Oregon niece is going to Patrick Henry in Purcellville. She’s from a conservative branch of the family; we are all still speaking but all have eliminated each other from our FB feeds. Such is life.

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    • I’m coming to CA in October. Have my tickets in hand. Dont forget.

      Humidity is bad here also. Julie says the heat index is 106 for today. Remember, the Brits considered Washington DC in August hardship duty.

      We have a contract with our heating and cooling company. They and Dominion Electric keep us cool in summer and warm in winter.


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