My garden, part of which is pictured above is showing its late summer colors. Although Spring is most wonderous around our neighborhood, in summer we have the treat of our Crepe Myrtle trees.

This year, my lavendar and white ‘David’ Phlox are also doing well, for a change. Disgusted, a few years ago, I ripped them out.  The root that remained came up again, promised to do better, and the result you see in the photo below.IMG_0989


David’s daughter Julie’s mom and stepfather are moving to Florida, and clearing their house.  Her mom gave Julie a stack of old photos that had belonged to David. Julie asked her Dad to identify the photos, so yesterday they took some time to go through them, he identifying places he lived in: Narva, Estonia, Heidleberg Germany, and Chapal Hill NC, Julie writing the information on the back of each photo. I’m happy they took the time. I wish every child would take the time to do this.


Johnny helped with the sorting

18 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. What a wonderful girl (or young woman, I know I should say). The header photo of your garden is so beautiful I almost forgot to scroll down to read your latest post! I still remember the first crepe myrtle we ever saw when we were traveling. Apparently they don’t grow here in the Pacific Northwest. I was in awe!

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    • They don’t grow north of Zone 7B. That’s us. We are at the upper end of Crepes and Azaleas. I don’t think they grow south of north Florida either. Every area seems to have its “special” plants, birds and animals, and the great divide is the Mississippi.


    • Thanks Dick. Gardening has been a joy. Only took me thirty years and several missteps to get here. We learn how to garden through trial and error. Although I did most of the work for years, these days, a fellow I know comes by occasionally and helps with the heavy work. Meanwhile, David helps me with the lighter tasks.


  2. What great father/daughter time and wonderful to have pictures labeled. I remember going through pictures after my mother died. She was pretty good about labeling so I think those without labels must have been given to her and she didn’t know who they were either.


  3. Beloved’s daughter has just been here and they’ve done the same. When the old men have gone there’ll be nobody left to remember. Looks like we’re all getting ready for that last journey. But maybe not just yet, what do you think?

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    • I think I’ve been on a journey which flew by. I have spent more time being “old” than I spent being a child. When you see your own children become grandparents, you know you’ve passed some mile marker or other.

      Science has extended our lives and we are paying for it. Quality of life is everything. David will probably live to be 100+. I may live longer. My daughters MIL is already 102. And in great health. This means I could spend more time being old than I spent in any other period of my life. A sobering thought.


  4. I love your colorful garden. Today, I threw out the begonias bought a few months ago, as they looked straggly and ugly. I sure don’t miss the mess these flowers made all over the place. If I buy new container plants, I’ll make sure they are the kind that don’t drop leaves and petals.

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  5. Your garden looks gorgeous and I love those crepe myrtle trees. We have one blooming in the front garden and it looks like the same color. Naming photos is so important as many of the old ones we have, there are some faces whose names are lost in time.


    • The old photos only matter if you can identify the people in them. I sat down with two aunts, one on dads side, one on moms side, and looked at old photos. Aunt Marge would look at a photo and exclaim, “I don’t know who these people are.” I’m sure they were her grandmother’s and great- grandmothers, but she didn’t know her own mother. Aunt Audrey did better. She was bright until the end, but having become wealthy through marriage, she was ashamed of the poverty of her youth displayed in her old photos. And laughed and said the same thing. Heartbreaking.


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