The recalcitrant child


Why can’t we go for a walk Mom? (Note my barely visable earphones.)

To me, the months of July and August are the worst months of the year.  I absolutely hate the heat, and love the cold.  Although I lived near the ocean until I was in my thirties, I could never understand why people liked the beach in summer.  Winter in Virginia is much better.

Don’t get me wrong I love the sea.  I think the sea is in my genes as all my ancestors came from places along the northernmost coast of Europe or England.  One great-grandmother who was Prussian came from a seaport in what is Poland today..Danzig or Gdansk. Others migrated from Groningan or Zeeland, still others from East Anglia.

Yes, I’ve been working on my family tree again.  This is a huge project.  Yesterday, I was investigating a line that goes from my father to one Gyles Cromwell in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  (Neither I, nor most of my fellow searchers, think this fellow is the son of the famous Oliver Cromwell.)

Gyles Cromwell was my 10th great-gandather in that line. (By the time you get to this generation you have over 1,000 10th great-grandfathers.) He was most probably the son of one Oliver Cromwell, but he was apparently born in South Hampshire, pretty far from East Anglia. Well maybe he was. Another fellow named Gyles Cornhill was born about the same year in Essex. However THE Oliver Cromwell family hailed from the Cambridge area.

Besides I’m not interested in being descended from a controversial figure like Oliver.  I’d rather be descended from a fellow named Cornhill from Essex.

What I know about Gyles is that he was a Freeman and migrated in the Great Puritan Migration. Interestingly, the Dutch have excellent records concerning these Puritan families who fled first to the Netherlands, and then to the British colonies.

Reading history, I have learned the Dutch in the Netherlands are related to the folks from East Anglia. In fact, the inhabitants of East Anglia are more closely related to the people in the Netherlands than they are to the people of Wales and Ireland (Origins of the British, by Stephen Oppenheimer).


This week, I obtained a copy of the updated version of Please Understand Me, the book that describes personality types, by David Keirsey. According to this I should have been a field marshall.

I chided David this morning because I found a copy of a request for lab work he had received from his GP and failed to give to me.

“I’m trying to take care of you,” I told him for the zillionth time, and asked him how he had obtained the form.  He couldn’t remember where he got it. I suspect it came in the mail, although he thinks “he had it in his pocket.”

I told him, don’t forget you are the private around here and I am the field marshall.

Can’t I be a corporal, he says.

No, not until you follow orders and turn all paperwork over to me.


12 thoughts on “The recalcitrant child

  1. You and I think so alike on the seasons in Virginia. I much prefer the Fall and Winter than these humid months. I love the spring also but the heat of the summer turns me into a puddle and my face will turn beetroot in a very short space of time. This has always been the case since I stepped off the boat so to speak. I also love the sea and do miss it. Gregg is still enjoying his genealogy searches and I am amazed how many of my ancestors came to America as far back as the early settlers in the mid 1600s. Mind boggling to me as I had absolutely no idea I had relatives over here. One was in the government in Williamsburg and several were officers in the militia when the colonies were still part of Great Britain.


    • Spring in Virginia is stunning. David Brinkley (reporter, NBC Evening news who had traveled the world) said years ago that there was no place on earth more beautiful. I hope you get out and about during garden week in Virginia. I used to work (volunteer) at local historical sites at that time of year.

      Yes, many English settlers(and this included Africans) returned to Britain both before and during the Revolution. I have found a couple of ancestors who retuned and were buried in London, usually in paupers graves.


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