Yesterday, our anniversary, we spent arguing.  Received a letter from the IRS saying we owed taxes we hadn’t paid, which we have.  The note also said if you have already paid your taxes disregard this notice.

Before I read the second part (above), I asked David for the receipt I had handed him for the taxes, and he said I never gave him anything. And so it goes.

This morning’s Washington Post  contained an editorial about the Clinton marriage, in which the author suggested that no one can explain love within a marriage.  So true.  I can’t explain the love in our marriage.  All I know is no matter how much we scream and yell and carry on we keep going.  And we take care of each other as strange as that might seem.


David and I are both exhausted.  For the first time in a long time, we stayed up late several nights in a row to watch the Democrat convention.  Reflective of a “big tent” party, every group under the sun has been represented. Last night Mayor Bloomberg, an Independent spoke.

Of all the speakers I’ve heard so far, Mayor Bloomberg best reflects my thinking.  I am a social Liberal and a fiscal Conservative as are many people I know here in VA a “swing state.”  I have voted Democrat, Republican and Independent, beginning in 1980 when I voted for John Anderson for president.

To keep myself well-informed, I read material written by a variety of journalists. And I check out the “talking heads” on the Fox and MSNBC evening news.

On Facebook, which I resumed using, I sometimes debate with people from the extremes which sometimes sharpens my thinking. Yesterday, in a debate about TPP, a Bernie supporter told me my name was ugly. A comment like that won’t get a response, there is no point. Okay, I think both extremes, left and right, are mental.

Politics in the West have been like this since the late eighteenth century. Make no mistake, the extreme left brings The Terror or Stalin and the Gulag, the extreme right brings fascism and Hitler.  That’s why I am an Independent trying to thread the needle of politics. If you missed Bloomberg’s speech, you can find it online.


Daughter Connie sent this. Great-grandma (me) sent the mobile.

28 thoughts on “Squabble

    • George Will a Conservative writer says Russia is purchasing many European media and controlling the content presented. I don’t think the BBC has been compromised, however there is some disinformation spread from formerly objective sources.

      Thus, I’m not surprised our politics seem complex

      Given this, Trump won his nomination…..Some evidence exists that the media in the USA has been giving Trump and Bernie favorable news coverage and dissing Hillary. Russians again? I don’t know, but I Know Putin hates Hillary.


  1. Loved the photo of your sweet grand baby. Happy Anniversary! I am back from my blog break and am catching up ever so slowly. We had a family bereavement and have only just returned home.


  2. I am always a bit leery of the married couples who brag of never having an argument. One of the happiest twosomes that I’ve ever known were an Italian couple that argued about EVERYTHING … and then made up with a sloppy kiss and lots of hugs.

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  3. Love that photo of your mobile and great grandson.
    I tend to be a liberal myself, but Bernie Sanders is too liberal. David’s physical therapist hates Sanders because he himself had to pay tuition working very hard to do so. Why should college kids these days get free tuition, he asks.

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    • Hillary is talking about community colleges, and set the cutoff at parental income of $142,000 per year. Hillary is much more of a centrist. (Why some Bernie agitators are still protesting).

      I got my start at a community college and could afford it on my meager pay as a part-time bookkeeper, because in those days the tuition was much lower. Most college financial help consists of working for the college. (Why Joy worked with those cows for four years. That plus she loves dairy cows!). Good life experiences II think.


    • As one who has worked with numbers all my life, I know what I mean by this. I can’t speak for anyone else. You know what a social liberal is…Live and let live.

      As for fiscal conservative…

      It means I support a woman’s right to choose an abortion, but also child maintenance payments if she chooses to keep the child. It means feeding the poor but not supporting wastrels who game the system, like those who collect farm subsidies, but live in NYC.

      It means supporting universal education and this includes kindergarten, universities and colleges because the judicious planner invests in the future.

      It means supporting government functions, but allowing financial officers within government agencies to determine the best use of their budget monies. In other words, after Congress approves a budget, individual Congressional members and/or their staff members must keep hands off and not treat an agency budgets like piggy banks to buy votes back home. Establish “hands off” rules and regulations. This means removing many government contractors from the payroll. A complete review and overhaul is required on a regular basis. Otherwise unscrupulous men and women use these contracts to further their own self interests. ( I worked in government for many years and saw this first hand.)

      It means constantly auditing the way money is spent. The government accountancy office (GAO) is supposed to do this without interfering in the agency mission. Unfortunately, if an administration is hostile to an agency and its mission, it can wreck havoc. It means budgeting at all levels of government. Accounting, budgeting, and planning are sorely missing throughout government. Following the law is also a prerequisite.

      It means fighting overseas because we are part of the larger world, but always always after judicious review, and only if Congress approves as the they represent the American public, (and military brass are on board).

      It means CONSERVATION, no drilling, fracking, grazing on public land without a Congressional vote and presidential approval. It means providing enough funds for the Dept of the Interior to do its job.

      I could write more, but my hand is numb.

      In other words, govern like FDR. I am a Keynesian, so I know we can do it.


  4. That’s a darling photo! Hope your IRS receipt turns up, but maybe you won’t need it. I concur extremists on either end of the political spectrum often talk and/or behave like mental cases. I think we need a political party encompassing liberal social ideas, conservative financial ones, and one that clearly believes in the separation of church and state. The Democratic party does seem to most closely embrace those positions presently. Voting a straight party ticket of any kind has never been my cup of tea. I can’t imagine being able to make sensible candidate choices at any level without listening to all views.

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    • Oh, I forgot to comment on marriage relationships, but only wanted to agree that they can be quite unique — one that outsiders may never fully understand — so many elements, even of differing importance to each person, influence the love chemistry, I think.


      • We have these upsets and then back to calmness. He is mostly a feminist, but slides into MCP ways from time to time. Hearing and memory losses don’t help. His daughter took him to medical appointments today. Gave me a break.


    • I agree. As for the IRS, the left hand isn’t talking to the right hand, or to put it another way, somebody screwed up. We just went through this with the hospital..threatening to turn an unpaid bill over to a collection agency. So we paid again, and this month came a refund check, because we had overpaid.

      Ditto the IRS. Last year they “found” an error and issued a large refund check. Methinks they need to reorganize. My point is..both private and public entities do this…and what does the poor aging person frightened out of their wits do?


  5. I think it is so important to read and listen to a variety of opinions, unfortunately too many people do not listen to the ‘other side’…I have been immersed in both conventions and found many of the DNC speakers remarkable. As for love…who knows??

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    • This year,like GHWBush, I didn’t need to listen to the Republican convention. Like the Nazis, they have beat the same drums and told the same lies about Hillary forever. Unfortunately, if you tell a lie often enough the ill informed begin to believe it. Polls show the Trump supporters are generally less well educated, than were Republican supporters in the past, I.e., McCain or Romney supporters.

      Ihave totally lost respect for Chris Christie. However, Cory Booker rocks! I can see why these two dislike each other. And, I will say to those Republicans who trashed Hillary….have you NO shame?


  6. I also liked Bloomberg’s talk. As a former far right-wing Republican who now is a left-of-center Independent most often supporting Democratic Party positions, I think a sound position is to be liberal on social issues, but conservative on financial matters.

    My take is that the U.S. has been making good progress on the social side for some time now, but there still is much to be done to reach true social justice in a nation that provides equal opportunity for all. However, we simply cannot afford to step that progress up by failing to use common sense in bringing the federal books into much better balance.

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    • True. Keeping the books balanced is important. Reworking the tax code is a good place to start. I was hoping Hillary would work with Paul Ryan on that, but we shall see. We don’t need to backpeddle on social progress either. And I mean that across the board.


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