Getting an Earful


Sony earphones

My new Sony earphones arrived and I tried them out yesterday.  David says he can’t hear anything when I play them, but that is not reassuring as he can’t hear much anyway.

Before Julie comes Friday to take David to Costco, he is supposed to be researching the cost of hearing aids on Amazon, but after one initial attempt, when he found the item in his prescription but couldn’t print a copy of the online item, he gave up.

The problem is, I have an HP wireless printer.  He has a printer upstairs connected to his desktop computer, but wanted to print downstairs from the HP laptop I gave him.

For whatever reason, he couldn’t make the connection.  Now I am mostly an Apple fan these days, so I didn’t feel like learning how to do it for him.  My clever Apple laptop  (purchased at the Apple store with the printer) connected to the HP printer automatically. I think the HP laptop would too, but David gets hung up on words.

This is sad because he was an AT&T engineer and he built our first home computers. When he became a patent examiner for the Patent and Trade Office, he explained the various parts of the computer to his fellow patent examiners.  He even hung computer parts on his office walls to help educate them.  But that was then.

Now almost age 87, David retired from the government at age 73 and some of his former colleagues have died. He’s in relatively good health physically. I encourage him to do things like read and walk (even if it’s at the hospital center) to help him stay as healthy as he can for as long as he can.  I’m thinking about this again, because our anniversary is tomorrow and when I wake up in the night, its David I worry about.  Useless to worry but life is so short.

D&D 001

Wedding Day 1982


I saw my gastroenterologist yesterday and scheduled my procedure for next Wednesday.  Great fun ahead. Physical therapy tomorrow for both of us.

20 thoughts on “Getting an Earful

  1. Happy Anniversary. Keeping you and David in my thoughts and prayers. jAnother friend’s blog that I just visited detailed some health issues as well as pleasures in her life right now. The stereotype of how older adults’ conversations increasingly focus on physical conditions certainly fits me and my friends and relatives of a certain age. I find comfort and useful information in conversations, whether in person to online, with individuals who are also experiencing the effects of aging. And I appreciate, too, lively interchanges with younger folks.

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    • Many of the younger folks I know are expressing concern with Donald Trump. At rehab today, all the young therapists, most of them immigrants or children of immigrants, as well as the older mostly white, but some Asian and black patients, were thrilled with the DNC speakers they heard this week.


  2. Happy anniversary! Attractive wedding couple! Hearing loss does play havoc with communication and life. Trust you’ve searched some of suggestions to help both the wearer and those in his or her life. My husband only went for a free hearing screening long ago when i finally said i’m going whether you do or not after noting I learned to administer them as part of my training program years ago. The TV volume continued to be loud at home after our tests. He chose to think any losses we each had were comparable which was far from reality, so did not consider a hearing aid which he really needed and i did not. As my mother said about so many things thru the years — must have stemmed from her horse and buggy days growing up — you can lead a horse to water, but you cant’t make him drink. My colonoscopy comes up soon, too. Can hardly wait to drink the kool aid for preparation!!! Have fun!


    • Thanks Jo, Sharing your experiences helps me remember I am not the “only fish in the sea” as my mom said, and probably her mom and grandma before her as they were Dutch.

      Years ago, I bought David ‘TV Ears’ AARP advertises. He put them on the other night and said “wow” he could hear again. The visit last week was to an ENT physician, so he can’t say he hasn’t been tested. Plus his daughter went in with him so he can’t say its me.

      I am concerned about his memory. Showed him photos from our wedding and he thought my son was his son. Scary.

      As for the gut exam, this time I’m having the video capsule. Preparation is not as onerous. The colonoscopy does not examine the small intestine, Video capsule replaces it and the endoscopy which examines stomach and esophagus. Video capsule examines the entire ‘alimentary canal’…esophogus, stomach small intestine, large intestine.

      I’m scared it will get stuck, I told my doc. He says if it does we need to find the blockage anyway. I’m scared because Mom died from a blocked bowel. He looks at me squarely and says, “It’s not inherited.”


      • I’ve quizzed two doctors about the video capsule, or some other way to do the colonoscopy just b/c I hate the prep. The drs have said it wouldn’t do any good to use the video camera because if they saw something, they still had to go in. I thought that was rather pessimistic thinking!

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      • Very pessimistic, and I disagree. The capsule can find cancer, blood leakage and a blockage. The tool used in the colonoscopy can only snip polyps…and it cannot examine the small intestine at all. Obviously, your doctor isn’t well informed.


      • I’ll be interested in your experience with capsule — had forgotten hearing about it some time ago. I didnt have polps last time but have in times past. Recent news said they’ve learned polps on left side of colon tend to be flatter, so harder to spot, than those on right side of colon. Hm-m-m I wonder if that correlates with right and left handedness — or not. I’ll research and talk with Dr. about capsule.

        My Dr. (not the Gastro) said guidelines for my age suggest this would be my last colonoscopy — I assume if no polps. I mentioned again paternal grandmother died of colon cancer, but he said its so slow growing probably not an issue. I took that to mean he thot I’d die first! What I thot was if I dont die when statistics say I likely will, I dont want to be spending my final time coping with colon cancer. Wouldn’t that be an abuse of statistics use in health care (a serious concern of mine both personally and professionally)….or just abuse of me ??? ha

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      • I knew there was a cutoff of about 80 years old. Of course they expect us to die before cancer develops. However, medical research is based on historical data, and people are living longer. Thus we can pray the researchers took this into account.

        I feel for you with your history. Watching my Mom die a slow agonizing death from a bowel obstruction that ended in Septicemia drives me to aim for good bowel health and all that entails.

        BTW sitting here watching Gabby Gifford speak on gun control.


  3. Beautiful picture. It’s hard to watch our love ones age. I remember my Mom crying when her mother no longer recognized but thought I was her at 19. Painful. Still my Mom got forgetful and couldn’t manage some things any longer but she never slid over the edge. There’s always hope. Tough when a person can’t hear though.

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  4. I remember my mother at age 77 telling a funny story about her first romance. Ten years later at age 87, she had full blown dementia and could not tell a funny story even if we paid her to. Sad.

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    • True, dementia is sad. David isn’t there, however, he is forgetful and new things baffle him sometimes. Also, because he is deaf in one ear and has trouble with the other ear, talking with him can be frustrating. I am forgetful too.


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