Daddy’s home

IMG_0979Daddy (Chris) is home from Yemen. Doesn’t Lil Chris have a happy Aura?  Not a shadow on the wall, what else could it be?


Handyman John stopped by last evening to discuss the work he is doing in David’s bathroom, and David and I almost talked his ears off.  Well, I admit it,  I almost talked his ears off.  David could barely get a word in edgewise. John is also working on his family tree in his spare time, and we had a lot to share.

David listens to me patiently enough, however, he isn’t immersed in this ancestry stuff the same way I am.

I did a cursory search for part of David’s tree, and found ancestors who were both Rebel slave owners and German settlers who changed their last names to seem more English.  David wasn’t happy with that information, because like most Southerners, he loves African-Americans and gets along well with them. It’s just too sad to think some of his ancestors not only fought for the Confederacy, but also owned slaves.

Thomas Jefferson loved German settlers and thought they were the ideal settlers because they worked so hard and were such good farmers.  Most people have heard about the Pennsylvania Dutch, but the Amish and others can be found in Maryland, Virginia and other states.

The Great Valley of Virginia, otherwise known as the Shenandoah, is filled with the descendants of early German settlers, as well as more recent migrants. David’s paternal grandmother’s family hails from that area although she was born and raised in Tennessee.


I’m making this post short today, because my shoulder is giving me fits.  I hope to visit each of my blog friends this week, but I’m slow.  Please bear with me.


20 thoughts on “Daddy’s home

  1. Blog posts today seem to be sending me into gales of laughter or tears. Returning dad and Lil Chris were definitely in the happy tears category. What a special little guy.

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  2. The baby is amazing, smiling for his dad. Knowing!

    I can understand David’s feeling about the Confederate side of his family. While he can’t change anything they did, he knows who he is and how he treats people. He can be proud of his own history having come from those roots.

    Hope you get some relief for the shoulder soon.

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