Scars Don’t Tan

Whacking Pokeweed and Virginia Spiderwort in the raised bed this morning, I cut my thumb on the sharp blade of the machete.  Because I am taking a blood thinner, a copious amount of the stuff was oozing from my hand when I tapped on the sliding door to attract David’s attention.  OMG he said as he saw the blood.

“It’s only a little cut,” I told him.  “I need you to take the machete and wipe the blade from the back to keep it dry, and put it in its sheath, then the shed on the shelf to the left with the knives and scissors, where I can find it.  Such is the gardener’s life.  First take care of your tools!


One of the places I lived as a child, we had a steep bank behind our house that was overtaken with Kudzu vine.  Now anyone who has lived in the South , or perhaps even traveled through it, knows the story of Kudzu, a vine imported from Korea, where it has natural enemies, to the US South where it has none, which like Wisteria, English Ivy, Honeysuckle vine, and ‘Tree of Heaven,’ has become a horrible invasive plant.

What the bureaucrats who introduced Kudzu to fight soil erosion in the South didn’t foresee was that various snakes which reside in the South would find a welcoming home in these vines. Thus fathers began to whack and burn the noxious plants to protect women and children.  This is what my father was doing that warm day when he cut his arm badly on a machete.

I was with him that day, tagging along behind and asking questions, as I liked to do.  Being a former Eagle Scout, the first thing he did, was whip out his handkerchief and make a tourniquet for his arm. Meanwhile blood streamed everywhere.  But he remained calm.  “Go get Captain Mac (the neighbor and the Chief of Police),” he said.

Captain Mac came and while he took Dad to the hospital, Mrs Mac sat with mom who was still recovering from my brother’s birth and suffering with a post partum depression.

I liked Mrs. Mac.  She was a great comfort.  The first note I ever wrote to my Mom (which I have preserved in my baby book) written on a kleenex, reads,

Gon to Ms Mak 

That’s where you could find me many days.


Here’s the latest photo of Lil Chris with his new Pooh bear and books. Pretty soon he will be reading and writing.IMG_0978.JPG


14 thoughts on “Scars Don’t Tan

  1. It won’t be long at all until he’s reading to you ;>). Be careful out there with those sharp tools!

    We saw a sign in a visitor center somewhere when we were traveling through the Southern States that gave the (sad) history of kudzu . It ended by saying ”Left alone, the kudzu will cover anything in its path … cars, buildings, walls, even you if you stand still long enough.”

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    • Actually, that’s no exaggeration. Yes it’s a sad tale and one we hope those who interfere with nature find instructive. DDT is another one. As one of my profs put, boll weevils can now gargle with the stuff.


  2. You silly girl. The tool is replaceable, the finger is not. Hahaha. My mother once brought me a plant present from her neighbor’s house. It wasn’t the Kudzu but just as diabolical. I don’t know the name. It has a nice purple flower but you literally can’t get rid of it. I remember digging and digging roots out. I guess when they tell us not to bring fruit or plants to or from other countries. There is a good reason. Be careful in your garden. It can be a dangerous place – just look at my cuts and bruises too.

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  3. A memory involving blood seems to linger with us. I guess it’s the trauma of it. Mom was on warfarin and a knife cut was always very messy.

    Chris looks long. Maybe he will be a tall man. Such a cutie!

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