Shoulder issues again


Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge 1777-1778. Grandmother said Fifth Great-Grandfather Nicholas Nichols was there, which I have verified with his military records.

Today, I took David for his appointment with my orthopedic doc who gave him shot but told him he had bad arthritis and might consider a shoulder joint replacement. David said he wanted to try physical therapy first, so we got a script and made appointments for August.

My shoulder is killing me again, although I’ve been doing my exercises faithfully.  My physical therapy resumes in August along with David’s. Several of our appointments overlap but we have different therapists.

David had to complete all his medical forms again today while I sat next to an older woman who said, “It’s easier to do online.”  One of these days, I will try it, I old her.


My newest things this month included learning how to pay the electric bill online. You will be happy to hear our lights are still receiving electric current.  And the bill is in the black.  We pay a flat monthly amount, rather than pay enormous bills in some months and virtually nothing in others.  I lie, it’s never nothing, but at least there are no surprises.

My other new thing was using the valet parking at the hospital. The fellows who park the cars are immigrants, who work for tips.  Works for me, because we are able to park on the entrance level of the parking garage and do all our walking inside the hospital complex wich consists of multiple buildings.

Getting in and out of the garage, I use a “resident associates” parking card I purchase once a year – fifty parks for $50 plus two free blood draws at the hospital lab, discounts in the hospital cafeteria and health and fitness classes the hospital offers, as well as other perks.  Inside the hospital is filled with hundreds of seniors as well as younger folks having babies, or with various injuries.

In the orthopedic clinic waiting room, I sat next to an older woman who told me she and her husband will vote for Hillary if they have to drag their bodies to the polling station.

I had told the woman about the man who pulled up next to me at a stop light and rolled his window down to say something.  However, the light changed before I could roll my window down.

Later, I ran into him at the hospital, and asked him what he wanted.  He said, “Why do you have all those Hillary stickers and a “tea party” license plate?” (My plate reads, “Don’t Tread on Me” after the Revolutionary War battle flag.)

I told him, I had many ancestors who fought in the Revolution under that flag, a few of them of them at Valley Forge during the bad winter of 1777-1778, and damned if the noveau Tea Party owns it. He said, he would never again assume a person with the plate was a member of the “Tea Party.”

(Ancestors on Dad’s side were Republican-Democrats until the Civil War, when they became Republicans and fought for the Union. Later, they joined labor unions.





11 thoughts on “Shoulder issues again

  1. We pay everything on line — full time travel was a great incentive to learn. i’d never want to go back to the old way. I hope the PT works — I have heard that shoulder replacement is the hardest. Bill has some shoulder pain and I wish he would do physical therapy for it. Do Take care of that arthrtis — I know there are many different forms — he also gets terrible gout attacks if he doesn’t watch what he’s eating even though he takes medicine for it.

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  2. Learning to do new things online is fraught with difficulties, but if they work it can make life easier. Good luck!


  3. Well, I will never belong to the Tea Party, either.
    My husband has shoulder issues, too, because of osteoarthritis. I am so glad I don’t have that problem.
    I have never paid bills online.

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    • Gigi. I subscribe to a periodical entitled, ‘The Arthritis Adviser,’ published by a Cleveland hospital. Also subscribe to “Arthritis Today.’ You can learn many things from these publications. For example, did you know there were at least 30 kinds of arthritis? Osteoarthritis is but one kind, and it can show up in children. Arthur’s can eventually kill you, because when you have it, it is everywhere in your body. Tell David I feel his pain.


  4. Love the Tea Party story. Good for you for learning on-line bill paying. I use it for all my household and insurance type bills. I also filled out a really long form for the allergist on-line last week. It was a pain but would have been an even larger pain if I’d had to write it out. We just keep learning don’t we.

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    • Thanks Barbara. I am slowly moving from paper to the Internet. We interact with Turbo Tax to prepare our taxes (they checked our work). IRS still requires paper, however. Pay my county property taxes and state licensing taxes online. In fact, most of my bills are paid online now. Electricity was the last to go.

      As Miss Marple says, we must change with the times.


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