Friday bits

A quick note this afternoon because I am cross-eyed from looking at my laptop and working on my ancestry tree.  Plus, an annoying parrot (Baby, or Malocchio as Kathy calls him) is pulling on anything-he-can-lay-his-beak on, vying for attention. At present he is under my chin.

This week we took two of the parrots, Jesse and Arabella for vet visits. “You haven’t had Jesse here since 2008” said Dr. Mac.  Jesse is 14 and this week, I brought him in for a nail trim and exam. The vet wanted to do a gram stain, or poop analysis for $100+, but I had set my budget for $200 and that covered the  other stuff, so I declined.

Besides, its bad enough when doctors find something wrong with me or David. And Jesse is not exposed to anyone who could pass a germ. If he has an issue it’s from his diet.  You can lead a parrot to good food, but you cannot make them eat.


The heat has been miserable, but David and I did a little yard work this morning. I pulled weeds and he poured vinegar on the sidewalks to clear out the stuff growing between the bricks.  Works like a charm. Earlier this week, Troy came by and pulled out the Pokeweed growing in the side yard.

Earlier this month, I had poured vinegar everywhere to kill the noxious vine with burrs Johnny kept attracting with his fur coat, and it worked on the vines.  However the Pokeweed was a different matter. I used “old smokey”, our weed burner to destroy the dead vines and showed Troy how to finish the job.  So, TA-DA, we never had to resort to noxious Roundup. We managed to completely fill our green wheelie bin this week.


IMG_0977  Is this a great photo or what?  Granddaughter Rita and Lil Chris are smiling and ready for big Chris who comes home from Yemen this month.  Word is, he’s leaving the Army (Virginia National Guard) and returning to his regular job.

I’ll be around tomorrow to visit blog pals.

19 thoughts on “Friday bits

    • Like a week or two? I talked with an older woman at the hospital today who said she and her husband will vote for Hillary if they have to crawl to the polling place.

      A man pulled up beside me at a stop light and rolled his window down. Light changed before I could roll mine down. Caught up with him at the hospital and he asked why I had my car plastered with Hillary signs and a “tea party” license plate. (My plate says “Don’t tread on me.”) I told him I have several ancestors who fought in the Revolution under that flag, and the flag does not beling to the faux tea party.


  1. Beautiful photo – and how lovely it is for them to pop up and to be able to think, “Oh that’s little Chris” – (I have a big Chris but he had the same kind of infectious grin when he was small. Blessings to all of you.

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  2. Beautiful grand and g-grand. I will be trying the vinegar treatment. Parking areas at our new home are crushed limestone. They will likely need attention as they won’t be regularly used. I wanted to avoid roundup. Thanks for tip.


  3. Great job on the weeds! It is a big job too.

    That baby has such a grin, it’s as if he knows something and he’s not going to tell. There’s an old soul in there! He is gorgeous with some of his Mama’s features.


  4. That is a wonderful photo of your granddaughter and g-grandson. (isn’t it amazing to be a great-grandmother?) We used to use vinegar back in our other life when we had a house with a garden and patio and sidewalks and all those other places where unwanted grass and weeds can spring up. Easy, cheap, and good for the world! A real win-win!

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