A day in the neighborhood

I didn’t sleep well again last night. I suspect I was too warm.  After all, I should sleep well when I am not in pain and have no big worries.  However, I’ve reached the age when I am awakened several times in the night some noise, or by heat or cold.  Although we are running the AC, I still manage to overheat.  After the storm last evening, the temps fell to 78 degrees by 9 PM, but the humidity is awful.

I’ve not been a fan of summer lately.

I can recall vividly the last days of fifth grade, sitting in our sweltering classroom, longing for the outdoors and the end of school.  I had more tolerance for summer in those pre-AC days.

After school and in summer, we would run and play softball on the golf course that wrapped around our development, prowling through the “rough” and along the branches of the creek running on the sides of the fairways, catching crayfish, and falling in. We knew every inch of those places.  I got sweaty, hot and dirty in summer, and often wet, but it didn’t bother me.

Nobody in my mostly blue-collar neighborhood played golf, so we figured the golf course and its surrounds were for local kids. When we reached high school we learned the golf course was for the (white) doctors, lawyers, bankers and mill owners who lived on the other side of the RR tracks.

One kid I knew whose parents worked in the Sylvania factory at the edge of our development, became a caddie for these people. He earned enough money to help pay for his own golfing equipment and greens fees, and he learned enough about golf to eventually become a professional player who entered PGA tournaments. About the size of Mickey Rooney, he was a determined little guy.

These summer days, I am grateful I am not in a hotter part of the US, and think of fall.


From FB, year ago.  One hot day, a woman in Texas felt sorry for the squirrels.  She put a bowl of ice on her deck and posted a photo of what happened next.


Our two escape artists, Johnny and Clare, just ran out the front door.  David was attempting to pull the empty box from our Amazon Prime order through the door to break it down for the recycle bin.

While I held the door open and called, and David (who let them out) stood in the driveway, waving his arms like a windmill, several of our neighbors herded the two through the open door.  This is a regular occurrence when these boxes arrive.  These neighbors are so kind to us.

I order bulk items like coffee and tea; dog food, treats, and pee pads; laundry and dish washer detergent; toilet paper and paper towels; kitchen trash bags, and indoor and outdoor bird seed from Amazon so that David doesn’t have to haul them from the store every time we run out. Besides we pay less for bulk items and the shipping is free with Prime membership.  All my orders are billed to my AMEX, which awards me points.  I earned enough points last month to pay for a new set of baby clothes for Lil Chris.

Its better than shopping at Costco or Petco or any big box store which requires too much walking on concrete floors for people with disabilities.

13 thoughts on “A day in the neighborhood

  1. Hello Dianne. The story about your dogs made me smile as did the FB photo of the chilling squirrel ! I called Bill (he who does not blog) over to read the paragraph about how you order from Amazon. (We don’t have the pets and birdseed thing to deal with as you do, but there are days when we just can’t face Costco or even Target for the toilet paper and paper towels etc etc)….he was quite interested. Any day now! I wonder if Amazon gives a reward to you if i go there from your site ;>)…. I read several book bloggers and I know that if you go buy a book from their link they get a little some kind of reward.


  2. We make one monthly trip to Costco for big items (for two small families), and that has worked well. However, your thoughts about using Amazon Prime have caused me to suggest to our “shopping stars” that they check it out.


    • I’ve used the scooter at Giant. David won’t. He says you have to stop and go, get off when you want something and back on again and he finds it tiresome. Plus he says it doesn’t take curves well?

      These days, I have the bulk items delivered and David can make short trips for the perishable items. At our local store the clerks retrieve items for him. He shops on Fridays with Julie and she said the butcher finds him and brings him his fish.


  3. You get hotter weather than we do. We don’t get much humidity and air conditioning involves opening windows and screen doors for the east coast breeze. I hope you get some cooler weather sooner rather than later.

    Your two pooches are beautiful. Dogs can be such work but are such great companions.

    You have the shopping figured out. We have bought more items on line recently. It seems to be the trend these days. Malls may disappear.

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  4. Yep. I feel your pain. Buddy is the same. He sneaks out so fast and he now loves to chase cars. Where did that come from. His only redeeming grace is that he’ll come running if he sees the leash. He loves a good walk. Bad boy.

    I also use Amazon Prime for shopping. I buy my fruit and veggies at the store. Pick up the milk when Grand Girl comes and buy a little meat now and again. So there are plenty of opportunities to go shopping and get out of the house. I feel like my Grandmother who would go to different stores to buy one item on sale. Kroger on Tuesday for coffee. Safeway of Thursday for toilet paper. Since I’m lucky enough to have 6 stores in the area, I can make a little trip any time without to much trouble. With this weather though, I’m limiting my trips outside as much as possible. So the poor mailman will be working harder this summer.

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    • Chasing cars is a scary thing. Johnny stands in the middle of the street and barks at them. I have a personal relationship with my FEDEX guy. The last one told me he’d have to retire, he couldn’t lift anymore boxes.


  5. All of this sounds so much like my days (and nights) at the moment. It’s down to sleeping pills now. Even then the early daylight wakes me.
    I also have no escape artist as such, Millie is free to wander, although she did leave the garden the other day during a heavy thunderstorm.

    All my deliveries come via a supermarket, I don’t want to carry anything heavy anymore either. Still, we do some shopping ourselves, it’s one way for B. to get out of the house without too much trouble.


    • David’s daughter Julie takes him to the local food stores once a week for fresh items like milk,eggs, cheese, veggies and fruits.

      Otherwise, as blog friend Al says, our social life is mostly consists of visiting doctors. I am getting out to a downtown museum with my granddaughter in the next few weeks however.


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