Scheduler in chief


After I tell her the stuff is taking over, Kathy says tomorrow, she will walk down in the heat and harvest some sorrel from my raised bed for soup.  In this weather, we like it cold ala gazpacho. In France they spread it on fish she says.

Julie says last week, her boys took the boat out into the Chesapeake and had a big catch of Mahi, Mahi. I didn’t know you could catch them in the Atlantic I tell her.

This morning, Julie took David grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s then Giant. I suspect she paid for the groceries again. Five people came up to me in the Giant and told me how much they like Dad, she shares.

I relay the story of David’s last encounter with the law and she says perhaps he should  give up his car. I tell her the cop was very nice and didn’t even give him a ticket. David says he will die if he has to give up driving. The Giant is a block away, so I acquiesce, although it’s getting harder.

I’ll be 87 this September, he tells Julie, as if she didn’t know the is clock ticking. Julie has osteoporosis in her hip and the same osteopenia David has everywhere.  When they get back from the store, I mix up some Greek yogurt and fruit for David, which he eats dutifully.

When I mention I’m traveling to San Diego for a week in October to visit Richard and his family, Julie says, I’ll take care of Dad. David ruffles his feathers. He finds it so difficult to ask for and receive help, but I’m okay with it.


Yesterday, I saw Dr W., my dermatologist for my three-month checkup and she asked when I was having a colonoscopy (it’s only been two years).

Dr. L. told me to make one, so I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist in two weeks (I need it anyway because I have been ill with gut issues this week).

Good!  I agree with Dr. L. when someone has these recurring bouts of skin cancer, I recommend it.  What grows on the outside can grow on the inside.

The therapy for my torn rotator cuff is helping, so the osteopathic surgeon recommended more PT.  Impressed with my results, David sees my doc for his shoulder in a week. He hopes he will have the same experience. My appointments are with ChiQui.  I will try to schedule David with Justin who worked with him when he had his hip and knee joint replacements.  Means more driving for me, however, he drove me places for a very long time.

These days, I buy an annual pass to the hospital parking garage.  Which reminds me, I must have my car inspected next week.  And yes, I drive like a little old lady.



15 thoughts on “Scheduler in chief

  1. So much to deal with, but it is good you have such excellent medical care available. I empathize with David as i’ve never been good at asking for help (except from my husband), but I know I will have to learn eventually.

    Dianne I wanted you to know that your comments on my blog are coming through fine. You said that you weren’t sure if your earlier comment had showed up, but it did. I really appreciate the time you take to read my little “Pollylann-ish” posts. Mine don’t have much content, especially compared to yours but at least posting,reading , and commenting keep my brain a little bit active.


  2. It may all seem like an awful bother, but looking after your health is well worth it. I take my hat off to you – at least I would if I had one on. Blessings

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  3. I have never thought of an annual parking pass to the hospital. That would be such a relief. Not only do I try not to go to doctors around the hospital center, I don’t usually visit friends who are in the hospital because it runs into $20 parking before you are ready to leave. I’m going to check into that if I should see the need arise.


  4. Kudos to Julie, October can be lovely in San Diego. Mahi Mahi in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida, otherwise we are in bigger trouble climate-wise than I thought. 🙂 I’d cancel the doctor for lunch too.


  5. A lot to chew on from what you’ve written but I’ll just mention the soup … I love cold soups when it’s this hot and there are so many to choose from … my favorite is cold cucumber with sour crean.


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