Not Independent Anymore


Last night, after the storm, the view from my front door  was pink.

For years, I was torn between my parents who fought over politics.  I’ve tried to see both sides, but I cannot. Some of my friends will say I have gone over to the dark side. But I have not.  I’ve given this much thought.  And I’ve spent much time arguing with this person and that person.  I’m using argument in the sense of debate or legal speak.

Debating can sharpen your thinking.  It’s not fighting.  Unfortunately, we the American people seem to be more interested in fighting and slandering than debate. And there’s no cure for that…it can and has led to bloodshed. Okay, I’m well into Fallen Founder, the story of Aaron Burr by award-winning historian, Nancy Isenberg.

I asked David if he knew who Burr was and he said, “Yes, he was a traitor.”

“I think you’ve confused him with Benedict Arnold,” I said and proceeded to share what I knew.


Concurrently, while reading Isenberg’s book, I began reading Romantic Outlaws, the extraordinary story of Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter Mary Godwin Shelley by Charlotte Gordon. These books have much in common as characters in each book show up in the other book. Wollstonecraft who wrote Vindication on the Rights of Women, was one of the earliest feminists.  Burr admired Wollstonecraft and even visited her family at one time.

Burr had quite a political career before he killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. This latter occurrence led to his political downfall it seems. The old adage that the victors write history, so true before recent times, was certainly the case in the nineteenth century. However, Isenberg asks the reader to reconsider Burr and his life.  Much if not all of what was written about him was false she says.  Apparently, Hamilton was not the hero some claim.


As I read, I can’t help thinking about our current election cycle where there is nothing new under the sun in terms of the dirt dished out against various candidates by losers.  In my mind, honest debate about policy issues is what we need, not slander.  Oh well at least we outlawed dueling.



18 thoughts on “Not Independent Anymore

  1. Agree, way too much slander and negative campaigning, on both sides, but not enough discussion of issues. Days and days of reporting on Hillary’s emails and The Donald’s tweets. But how are they going to fix the economy, defeat ISIS, deal with terrorism, improve education, health care, policing and all the other problems … and how are they going to pay for it all? Hillary reminds me of Nixon in her paranoia. But she is not a crook. And she at least has some ideas. You’ll never find me being an apologist for her. But I will vote for her.

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    • Tom, she doesn’t need an apologist, she has Elizabeth Warren in her corner. Although Elizabeth is no economist, she knows a great deal about bankruptcy and being poor. Hillary has her flaws but as Sen Mark Kirk said, this year the presidential election is like a dumpster fire.

      We the American people have had many elections like this, however, the electronic media seems to make it worse.


  2. Agreed. And now that it has been determined that Hillary was OK with exposing national security issues on her private server and completely without fault regarding the four deaths in Benghazi, we can get forget such slander and get on with the debate about more serious issues. How did those terrible lies get started in the first place?


    • Al the Washington Post fact checker has exposed lies told by the candidates, and Mr Trump wins hands down.

      Unlike Petraeus, who I used to admire (I don’t have much use for cheating husbands), Hillary did not share anything with anyone without a TS clearance. She also did not intend to do anything wrong. Petraeus did. Hence no indictment for her.

      Yes, the servers(s) were not authorized, and she screwed up by using them. However, she has admitted her mistakes and did not lie to the FBI. As you know culprits are often caught by the coverup, not the crime. Given Comey is a Republican in George Bushes’s administration, you know that if he could have nailed her, he would have done so.

      Why does she make so many misstatements? Neither I nor anyone else who has not walked in her shoes will ever know, especially a talking head on TV. Besides Trump makes misstatements like a wild man, and is often not exposed for them.

      What I know about Hillary is that she has much experience that her competitor does not. I also trust her when it comes to Social Security and Medicare. Without those programs, David and I would be in dire circumstances.

      She has made mistakes no doubt, however, she has learned from her mistakes. If President Obama says she’s OK, she must be. 🤓


      • Based on what Comey said, she would not be given clearance to be a night watchman. But you want her to watch over you. Did you actually read what you wrote? I agree about Trump having his share of lies, but I don’t think he cost four people their lives.

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      • As I said, if after two years of spending tax payers dollars, the Republican Comey couldn’t nail her no one can. As for the Bengazi investigation, Issa tried to frame her and spent lots of $$$ and failed. All these men on a witch hunt and they lost. She’s tough as nails.


      • These were not witch hunts, they were bone-headed mistakes brought on my Hillary herself. Lying about the reason for the attacks. Lying about classified information being emailed. You need to get your head out of the sand. Your comment about how she will protect your social security and medicare is telltale about how leftists have reeled you in. The more you depend on them the more they will have power over you. If you want to live under big government, fine, but it’s not for me or anyone else who thinks for themselves. Especially not under a bone-headed liar.


      • You know I was a FED for many years and discovered first hand how screwed up and burdensome the bureaucracy can be. When I forget, I have my oldest son who works for the Navy to remind me.

        Perhaps that’s why I understand Clinton setting up her own server(s) to circumvent the mess. My first thought when Comey said the FBI had difficulty figuring out what was going on (working their way through the laberythine arrangement), was that enemy hackers must have been doubly confused. That’s why I don’t lose sleep over emails gone astray.

        I don’t know why she tells lies, most of them don’t gain her anything. I wonder if her father was an alcoholic. One of the characteristics of the adult child of an alcoholic is that they “lie when it wold be just as easy to tell the truth.” It’s a defensive mechanism you develope in childhood.

        Never fear, the witch hunt has not ended. This evening the State Dept. Has announced it is launching yet another investigation. Just what we tax payers need.


      • I want apologize. I’m going to dial down the rhetoric out of respect for you and your blog. I guess what will be, will be. I won’t be around anyway when all the volcanic ash falls from the eruption of this government conspiracy toward socialism. But I greatly fear for my grandchildren . Who knows, maybe they won’t even care that they are wards of the state.

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      • Gee Al thanks. One thing I’ve learned about my grandchildren is they read my blog.

        My daughter and I had a “discussion” about the election (her thoughts are much like yours). It grew quite noisy and one of my granddaughters told us to shush! The kids are paying much attention to this election. That’s a good thing I think because they will inherit what remains.


  3. I love the way you are interested in learning new things or new angles on a theme, Dianne. By the way I am thoroughly enjoying “A Fighting Chance” – Elizabeth Warren is a star! Blessings from Dalamory

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