He aint heavy, he’s my great-grandchild.


My daughter and part of her family visited Sunday, or was it Saturday?  I know they were here because they took several photos of me with Baby Christopher.  I held him briefly, just long enough to let them take the requisite shots.  Doesn’t he look angelic?

As soon as I took Christopher, I realized he was too heavy for me. Besides, he immediately had a big BM and his mom took him back. Then I remembered why I was happy when my children outgrew diapers. Connie told me the other great-grandmother they visited before they reached me wouldn’t hold him. At 101, she is too weak. Child rearing is definitely for the young.


We discussed the feasibility of my taking the train from Alexandria to Culpeper where they would meet me should I decide to visit via rail. You would have to spend the night, Connie said, and sleep in Amelia’s room.

Doesn’t she have cats? Yes.

Now I love cats, however, I have air purifiers throughout my house and my GP has me on Singular owing to breathing issues, so I don’t think the train trip will happen anytime soon.

Besides, in July, Connie and Bill are spending their vacation in Utah and will be out-of-town. I reminded Connie she and I have Mormon ancestors buried in Woodruff in Rich County Utah. They were some of the first settlers. Arriving there after great-uncle George fought for the Union (Maine Infantry) during the Civil War, they purchased land from the Ute Indians. George is buried there with several members of his extended family.


Our good news here in VA:

1. Former extremely popular Governor Robert McDonnell was  set free by the Supreme Court yesterday.  Seems the former US Attorney General may have overstepped his authority to prosecute.

2. The Annie Casey Foundation listed VA in their top-tier of places to raise a child. Minnesota is number one, of course, and poor old Mississippi is last.  Garrison Keillor was correct, all the children are above average at Lake Woebegone.





30 thoughts on “He aint heavy, he’s my great-grandchild.

  1. That is a nice looking babe and …great grandmother? Wow. My oldest grandchild is only 13, So I probably won’t make it to greatgrandmotherhood.

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  2. Wonderful picture. You look great. When with my grandkids I wonder how I survived all the tumult, constant activity, etc. It is a wake-up call to how I have slowed down over the years.

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  3. Hahaha. I know what you mean about those little rascals. I don’t remember babies being so heavy when I had them. Now my arm goes to sleep before the bottle is finished. I’m not to bad at burping though.

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  4. You look angelic too. Just don’t tell anybody. You look delightful weight wize too. I have a neck, but now I have masses of wrinkles that make my friend Bobbie shudder. LOL

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    • The downside of weight loss. Zsa-Zsa Gabor used to say it was the face or the figure as we age. My family likes the way I look. I suppose that is what matters. Angelic? No one has told me that since I was 15. Remind me to tell you why when I see you.


  5. You may not have held him for long, but it was long enough to get an epic picture! Love it.

    P.S. An Obama administration attorney general overstepping their authority? I can’t imagine it.

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    • Regarding part two, the Obama administration has done many things I did not like. Going after Bob Mcdonnell was a purely political maneuver designed to keep him from seeking the presidency. Ditto going after Petraeus. Ditto Hillary…although that was a Republican witch hunt. I don’t approve any of this cheap stuff which disserves the voters. It’s a wonder any decent person ever seeks office.

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