A thing of beauty

Granddaughter Hannah knows the way to my heart. I have examples of her art throughout my home: water-color paintings she made in high school (AP art); prints she made in a printmaking class she took at the old torpedo factory turned Art League headquarters in Alexandria; an award-winning print she made at James Madison University where she majored in art; and oil paintings (a modern art triptych).

Hannah works in one of the out buildings at the farm, and a little mouse ran all over the wet paint in the triptych. She offered to paint over it, but I told her I quite liked the mouse prints which made it a unique mixed media work.

In my opinion, Hannah’s finest works are those she executes in textiles. Yesterday, she brought me the most beautiful gift I have ever received, and I am hard to please (just ask my children and husband). Below are a few photos of her work, a quilt she made with pieces of silk she colored with organic dyes and placed in the sun to dry.  She laid an assortment of leaves over the squares of material to create the shadows. I just love it. (click to view)

24 thoughts on “A thing of beauty

  1. This is gorgeous stuff. I’ve always felt that a talent like that was innate. I know, people can always learn these crafts, but it helps if you have a natural bent toward that kind of art. I have none of it.

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  2. What a happy, happy work of art this is. If it get’s dirty, make sure you ask her what mordant she used to set the colors then tell the cleaners what it was. Just flat out lovely.

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